Out there on your own, how Chungha, Serena Williams and IU brave through the journey alone.

3 incredibly talented women, each fighting their demons, take centre stage in their lives. We take notes from Chungha, Serena Williams and IU.

Running solo is tough. All eyes are on you alone, and every chance of failure or success amounts to you. So today, we’re introducing a couple of amazing solo acts who inspire us in every way. From former I.O.I. member and comeback queen; Chungha, tennis legend; Serena Williams, to resident singer-actress; IU, these women are setting the stage for change.


Chungha: Sparking in every way 
This multi-talented artist’s story is one of resilience and hard work. Coming from a single-parent family, Chungha composed and dedicated a song from her latest album to mommy dearest. Titled Goodnight My Princess, this is what her mom used to say to Chungha before she left for work.

Chungha’s attitude to keep pushing forward and work harder won the hearts of her co-workers at MNH Entertainment. Remembering herself as artist no. 1, she went on to release music as the agency pushed through Chungha’s COVID-19 diagnosis. Combined with anxiety, she only slept 2 hours a night and was the brink of burnout. 

Her mental health fell as news broke about her positive test. Frustrations built up, and she took to seeking help from a therapist to manage her recovery journey. The one thing that helped her incredibly was her ‘Querencia’ and that Spanish name means a safe place where you can feel at home.

Serena Williams: Hitting every ball out of the park
Legend off and on the court, Serena Williams trained from age 4. Since then, she has won numerous awards and is the world’s number 1 for women’s tennis. Despite her successes in her sporting career, she struggled with depression for over 10 years, even after giving birth to her first daughter!

So how did she manage her depression? Communication. By keeping channels open with the people she loves, she’s been able to process her thoughts and feelings. Also, she regularly seeks therapy to keep herself in check, as with fitness! Recently, she announced her retirement at 41 and joined self-care queen; Selena Gomez on normalising mental fitness.

IU: OG soloist fights bulimia with headstands!
How can we talk about soloists without mentioning the angelic-voice IU? Hidden behind her chirpy songs and ballads is a childhood riddled with poverty, cockroaches and scams. The audience even called her names during her debut due to her appearance!

She later had bulimia as she tried her best to keep up with the expectations of a celebrity. But thanks to a famous friend, IU now keeps herself in the pink of health with yoga and healthy eating.

Let’s talk about you!
Did you or a close one experience stress, depression or other challenges? Perhaps you faced pressure in pulling yourself through difficult times.

We all experience stress and maybe even anxiety in different situations. What puts us in a spot may be therapy for others! For one, I’m not a fan of public speaking and will always choose to take a corner seat to listen quietly.

What about you? Do you feel comfortable on stage or like being in the audience? What and where is your safe space? That space where you do you and don’t have to be someone else. Find your safe space. Tell us what stresses you out and how you manage it!

You sparkle like Chungha, Serena and IU too

Identifying burnout

Stress is real

Seeking and normalising help

Image credit: MNH Entertainment, Getty, The Korea Times

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