euphoria, what Zendaya wants the series to really mean.

Message of hope and compassion for those struggling with emotional challengers.

Zendaya’s poignant portrayal of Rue in Euphoria stirred differing opinions about that show. However, beyond the controversial storyline of troubled characters, is one of hope and redemption.

Zendaya spoke her heart about what she really wanted out of the series.

“It is my hope for people watching that they still see (Rue) as a person worthy of their love. And worthy of their time, and that she has a redemptive quality still, and that we still see the good in her even if she can’t see it in herself”.

“I think that if people can go with her through that and get to the end, and still have hope for her future, and watch her make changes and steps to heal and humanize her through her sobriety journey and her addiction, then maybe they can extend that to people in real life. If you can love her, then you can love someone struggling with the same thing, and maybe have a greater understanding of the pain they are facing, that is often out of their control. So far for me, that is the most important thing.”

“I care a lot about her deeply. I also care about the people who care about her, because I think many of them share her story or addiction and sobriety, and many of them share a lot of her emotional disorders, and I think it’s important that we continue to have that love for her.”

“Remember that we are not the worst mistakes we’ve made. And that redemption is possible.”


If you know of someone who’s life seem to reflect one of the character’s, you can be their hope. Some times all it takes is a listening ear to change the course of destruction in a person’s life. Please read these articles if you need to know how to show you care.

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If you are struggling very hard, please know that there is hope no matter how dark a situation you are in. There are people who can help you. Click on ‘Help’ for helplines in Singapore


If you have thoughts of ending your life, please please delay any action and get help immediately.

There is always a way out of any problem. Please click here and choose life

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