Spy X Family – Green flags in a family

Saving the world while keeping the family together! 3 things to take away from this wholesome relationship.


The recent cosplay conventions prove it – Anya from Spy X Family is one of the new characters that captured the hearts of many audiences. While this anime has yet another wacky premise, there are still many heartfelt lessons we can draw from it, especially about how family members live with each other.

1. Person before the mission

While it’s highly unlikely your dad is a world-class spy trying to save the world, it’s likely they have just as lofty aspirations for you. Loid, Anya’s dad, is highly focused on the need for her to enter an elite school and become the top scholar (sound familiar?).

Yet, he sees how important it is to keep Anya motivated and happy. Keeping in mind that he doesn’t know of Anya’s telepathic abilities, this means he figures she doesn’t know the big picture. True too about our parents, they don’t always see the big picture about us and what’s really going on in our minds. Their concerns may sometimes rub us up the wrong way but that could be the way they show they care. Try learning how they communicate their love.

Photo credit: Infobae

So while our parents may expect the world of us, we may have our won expectations too of what parents should be like.  Hey, no one’s perfect, right? Let’s not forget to approach these expectations with patience and love. Take it step by step, laugh at the silly mistakes, and try again. The world isn’t at stake all the time!

2. Understanding strengths and weaknesses

As a family, it’s easy to point out each others’ weaknesses. You’re so familiar with each other that the good things go unnoticed, and sometimes these shortcomings become internalised.

Photo credit: IGN SEA

In one of the episodes, Yor (Anya’s mum), Loid and Anya all have their own doubts about their ability to keep this “family” going. However, a thief chase reveals how they perfectly complement each other.

Take some time to recognise each others’ strengths as well and create opportunities to utilise these strengths. Getting everyone involved, even in the smallest ways, helps to strengthen bonds and enforce that the family works as a whole unit.

3. Communicate, communicate

Many of the Forger family’s successes are as a result of coincidence or Anya’s mind-reading. As much as that would make things a lot easier, we have to effectively share what’s on our minds.

Many arguments break out because someone made assumptions, or another did not communicate properly. Learning to communicate with care especially when someone is feeling the feels could really defuse potentially explosive situations at home.

Photo credit: Anime Senpai

Family is never easy, and it’s an active choice to stay together and make things work. Even though sometimes you might feel like you’re trying to save the world, you might be the world for another family member!

Tips for family harmony:

Language of Love

Knowing each other’s character strenghts

Better communication




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