Genshin Impact, Kokomi – Healing for the mind

Taking care of others can take a toll. 3 key lessons to learn from the Divine Priestess, Sangonomiya Kokomi!

“Rest and rebuild!”

Sangonomiya Kokomi’s voice line as she activates her abilities in Genshin Impact draws a solid link to her role as one of the game’s premiere healers. She keeps you healthy at all times, in addition to being the Divine Priestess and Supreme Leader of Watatsumi Island! With all the responsibilities that rest on her shoulders, there are important lessons we can learn from her, especially about shouldering the burdens of others.

1. Taking command of your day

You may not be a Divine Priestess who is expected to lead an entire nation and command its military, but expectations can weigh on you all the same. Kokomi has to address the everyday concerns of the citizens of Watatsumi Island, often doubting her qualifications and capabilities.

Photo credit: u/LilaTsutsuji

When it gets too overwhelming for her, she steals away to a little cove by the seaside to read books on military strategy in peace. She even orders her assistant shrine maidens to turn people away when she needs her “me time”! But of course, she ensures that there are people to oversee her duties when she does so.

As we get older, the number of responsibilities we take on can increase at a scary rate. It’s thus essential to take breaks sometimes, even if it’s just to find a quiet place to close your eyes for a minute or two. You aren’t expected to solve every problem all at once!

2. Being okay with not being okay

Meeting you, the Traveler, provides Kokomi with the one thing she had been missing all her life – a true friend and confidant. She’s excited to finally receive emotional support, though is embarrassed at times by how much of her troubles she divulges.

Photo credit: gamesradar

Similarly, it’s important to confide in your family and loved ones. Contrary to appearing ‘vulnerable’ or ‘weak’, it takes strength of character to recognise when you need to reach out for help. As much as it might not feel that way at times, no one expects you to shoulder all your burdens alone.

Take a step back and remember that there are people who love and care for your well-being. Draw from their strength and don’t let your troubles and worries fester. It doesn’t help anyone if you’re not feeling great.

3. Finding avenues for release

In her Story Quest, Kokomi confesses that she has difficulty adjusting to the role of an ideal leader and feels burdened with all the tasks she has to do. She also writes a comprehensive diary, detailing the positive events in her life that give her ‘energy’.

Photo credits: Siliconera.com

She’s then able to return to her duties refreshed and with a different perspective on any issues she had previously faced. All the better for the citizens and military of Watasumi Island!

Life can get too much for anyone, even for the best and most capable of us. Whether losing yourself in the fun, vibrant world of Genshin Impact or consuming your favourite types of media, take breaks and make time to have a mental reset! Taking care of yourself can sometimes be the best thing you can do for those who rely on you.

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