BTS, RM, the real deal.

What makes Kim Namjoon so charistmatic and appealing?


RM of BTS, beat Henry Cavill of Superman fame to be the ‘Most Handsome Man’ in the world. What make’s Kim Namjoon such a Sexy Nukim? The leader of BTS, is a unicorn for many reasons. His Rapper image, as a Kpop superstar contrast with the off-stage fine-art connoisseur that he is. His cool and calm, hyung persona makes it hard to believe he once suffered from depression.

His charisma and confidence is more than skin-deep. The inner substance that make Namjoon, lies in his perspective to life and the regular introspection about who he truly is.

He holds high level of personal integrity

Namjoon while being true to himself also strives to be responsible to his fans.

“I think it’s good to share with our fans both the good and the bad, the pros and cons, and the shadows that hang over us.”

“I think it’s only right to be honest, rather than hiding the negative and always saying, ‘We’re doing well’. But the manner in which we confess our fears would have to be mature and professionally ethical. I regularly contemplate what the best way would be to share such things.”

Namjoon has shared about his struggle with depression and for a season, everyday was a fight.

“I’m struggling too, the expectations that other people and I myself have of me are too high. Even if I work in an entirely different field in the future, people will expect me to accomplish something, and I might not be able to live up to those expectations.”

“At times, representing the nation feels great, and at other times, it can be a lot of pressure. What’s certain is that this role isn’t something we achieved because we sought it out, and it’s not something that goes away just because you want it to. I think it’s my fate to accept it as my calling and do a good job at what I can.”


He is Self-aware

“I’m good at viewing myself objectively, rather than being someone who carries strong convictions. After all, it’s easy to become biased and fixed in a certain way of thinking. I try not to fall into that trap.”

“I have a high level of metacognitive awareness. I examine issues, events, and even myself from a variety of angles. If I observe a certain phenomenon, I try to find the reason for why it’s happening and work to understand it for myself…My biggest edge is that I’m able to perform many ‘verification procedures’ in my head. I can also see the pros and cons of something quickly and easily.”

“I’ve spent time pondering what kind of adult I’m becoming. I’ve been learning to become more aware of my own rough outlines when it comes to choosing things I like and that are close to my heart. At first glance, it might seem like I’ve changed naturally, but on closer inspection, it’s something I’ve intentionally shaped. I went through painful periods, but looking back, it feels natural.”


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Images: Me, Myself, ​and RM​ ‘Entirety​’​ Teaser, BANGTANTV


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