She-Hulk’s true superpower: denial

If I don’t register it, it never happened! Or so you think…


Have you ever faced a situation so absurd/ traumatising/embarrassing/ heartbreaking/ whatever applicable, that you completely denied that it ever happened? Well, you’re not alone! Being able to face something head-on takes a lot of courage!

This is something She-Hulk, aka Jennifer Walters, faces. Here’s how we can try to confront our fears and emerge stronger. Let’s go on a little adventure of self-discovery and anger management.

Attorney at Law

The series starts off pretty straightforward. Bruce and Jennifer get into a car accident then a few drops of Bruce’s blood lands on Jennifer’s open wound. She wakes up finding out she has the same powers as Bruce, but only stronger, better, and faster.

She completely nails every test Bruce throws at her, but she has no desire to take on a new persona and wants to return to the courts. Then Jennifer Walters,big-time, full-time public attorney, gets fired for in-court transformation into the She-Hulk to defeat Titania. Her case is thrown out the window, and Jennifer is now jobless.


She ends up working as Goodman, Leiber, Kurtzburg and Holliway, where she represents superhumans in a world both humans and superhumans coexist. Her She-Hulk stint in court even gave her a promotion at this new firm!

Everything’s working out now, except for one minor problem.

Just one detail

Jennifer has no intentions or desires to embody She-Hulk! Despite being a new and improved version of Bruce, she simply wants to return to being a lawyer. To manage this new side of her, Jennifer denies the existence of She-Hulk. However, Titania gets under her skin by trademarking “She-Hulk” and launching a beauty line.


Whether Jennifer comes to terms with her new identity, this is a personal journey she must explore at her own pace. And just like Jennifer, we all have different sides to us we need to manage.

Even the stars of this show are no different. Ginger Gonzaga spoke up about her bipolar 2 disorder to destigmatize this condition. She is now a mental health advocate who raised funds for mental health awareness.

Jameela Jamil, who plays Titania, also suffered from eating disorders and depression. Now, her perfect mental health day includes coffee, a trip to Target and dancing to Beyoncé while munching on toast.

Let’s talk about you!

Have you ever struggled with internal conflicts? You’re not alone. As we grow and experience more, we are exposed to different opinions and ideas. While not everything will sit squarely with us, how we process this new information is what makes us different.

When we start processing our different learnings, we can better learn to accept ourselves for who we are, She-Hulk or not.

Loving every part of ourselves begins here.

Anger Management

Before acceptance comes rejection.

Accepting all sides of you

If green isn’t your colour, you could turn red too

Depression is real. 

Image credit: Disney Plus, Marvel Studios


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