BLACKPINK, born pink through blood, sweat and tears

Before BLACKPINK, four incredibly hard-working girls toiled night and day to become the biggest girl group yet.


The Most Popular girl group will grace our shores oh-very-soon! From music charts to magazine covers, there’s nothing these women haven’t accomplished. But before BLACKPINK, there were tears, endless training and hard work.

Each member went through trials and tribulations to emerge stronger mentally and physically. Beyond their public image, deep down, they’re all just ordinary girls.  

Join us on the BLACKPINK journey and be inspired by the women they are today.

From training to debut

With Lisa topping the Thailand audition in 2010 to Rosé nailing the 2012 Australia auditions, they each endured arduous training before their 2016 debut. Since then, they’ve been making an impact with their strong visual concepts and powerful music.

Lisa connects with home

During their Rolling Stone interview, the team revealed their mental health state during their training days. She experienced self-doubt and thought of giving up so many times. And she’d reach out to her mom in Thailand, who told her to persevere and never give up. 

Today, she treasures whatever time she has with her parents and recently travelled to Bangkok to see them after a three-year wait.

Jennie fell ill from touring days

Since their debut in 2016, they’ve been wildly successful, and BLACKPINK launched their first world tour in 2018. They eventually toured the globe, covering 17 countries and 26 cities in just 1.5 years! After an extremely intensive schedule for 3 years, Jennie’s immunity system was so compromised that she’d have an allergic reaction from touching things.

Besides practising Pilates, yoga and boxing, Jennie practises self-care to relieve herself of stress and pain through self-massage, stretching and others. Check out her full video here. 

Jisoo bonding over common mental health stress

As the only Korean-born member, Jisoo’s experience as a trainee in her home country wasn’t any easier. The four young adults lived and trained together and bonded over their common stress and troubles.

Even though they received classes on caring for their mental health, Jisoo said what bonded them was the ‘tough conversations’ they had. Because they felt the same feelings and thoughts, it was easier to support each other through all that they experienced together.

Post-debut, Jisoo now takes the time for self-care. Check this video for her tips on stress relief, her favourite food and drama!

Rosé blossoming through pain

For New Zealand-born Rosé, she pushed through her tough days by crying in the bathroom before going right back into her intensive training schedule. Having to witness other trainees leave from failing the monthly tests, Rosé hid her feelings and only focused on debuting.

Let’s talk about you!

We all have dreams we wish for and reasons to push hard. The four BORN PINK strong women fought hard together, as they relied on each other for strength. Today, they are confident, beautiful members of BLACKPINK.

Do you have dreams too? How will you prepare yourself to weather those difficult times? No matter how tough things get, remember that you’re never alone.

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Image credit: YG Entertainment
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