Black Adam – The misunderstood antihero

Black Adam is one misunderstood antihero living in the grey zone between good & evil. See how Dwayne Johnson & Black Adam rise above and fight mental health stigma!


An antihero living the grey zone between good and evil, hero and villain, Black Adam’s story begins with enslavement for thousands of years. He later develops into a dark character who kills anyone in his way. The shift from darkness to light is paved with trials for Black Adam, much like the story of Dwayne Johnson.

Dwayne Johnson’s tubulous early life 

This former professional wrestler is destined to be tough. In Dwayne Johnson’s high school and college years, his muscular physique led to him excelling in football and nailing an athletic scholarship.

His father was Rocky Johnson, an award-winning professional wrestler who sparred with Muhammad Ali. This paved the way for Dwayne to become ‘The Rock’. But despite his successes, his mental health caved.

Black Adam’s painful beginnings 

Like Johnson, Black Adam was gifted the powers of six Egyptian gods, which he can activate by simply saying “SHAZAM”. Thus, he is known as the strongest metahuman in the DC universe. So strong he can take on the entire Marvel family (not to be confused with MCU’s Captain Marvel)!

In the new movie, Black Adam is revealed as Adam, a misunderstood antihero plagued by the pain of losing his family. He refuses to conform to what many know as “good” with his superpowers.

Good vs Evil, Growth vs Suffering

In Dwayne Johnson’s story, his life was nothing short of these challenges, from his college football days to professional wrestling. As a result, he suffered bouts of depression throughout his adulthood.

His first experience with depression started with a bad breakout at 18 years old. Back then, he didn’t know what this thing he was going through. Being the only child made him a good listener but a poor communicator.

For Adam, he awakes from a deep slumber in this rendition and rages on the city of Kahndaq. The Justice Society of America (JSA) teamed up to tackle Adam as he is seen as a threat.

With no recollection of his life before the slumber, Adam struggled with his identity and self-acceptance. Later, he and JSA depart on good terms and continue his life as a protector of his homeground of Kahndaq. If you mess with his home, you’re messing with him, which spells trouble!

Light at the end of the tunnel

Since the retirement of ‘The Rock’, Dwayne Johnson has made a solid career being a movie man. However, the one key lesson he has learnt is that being “macho” isn’t always the responsible thing.

Seeking help cemented his belief in knowing how to work with others. He now speaks about mental health openly, away from society’s expectations of men having to keep things together all the time. Seeking help is not a weakness but a superpower we should have and embrace.

Speaking up is difficult

We’re often told to speak up and ask for help, but doing so isn’t that straightforward sometimes. As a result, we may experience self-doubt (do we really need help?) and even be pressured to “man up”.

Speaking up is difficult and requires a boost of courage. Like Black Adam and Dwayne Johnson, you may struggle to know who you are and what you need. But your mental health is a significant part of you, and there’s no wrong with feeling and talking about your anxieties!

Your Shadee.Care team is ready to back you up. Wanna get help anonymously? There are always people you can turn to. If you have a friend going through trying times, here’s a little tip on starting difficult conversations too.

Say the word “SHAZAM”!

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Always choose life, even when everything seems hopeless

Make mental health normal and starting meaningful conversations

Get some help here:

Not sure what kinda help to get? Try a Mood Check

Image credit: New Line Cinema, DC Films, Pinterest



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