Le SSerafim, Anti-fragile.

Anti-fragile means becoming stronger in the face of adversity. How is Le SSerafim going to achieve that and can we get there too?

So what is Antifragile?

Chaewon of Le SSerafim explains:

“The word ‘anti-fragile’ basically means that you become stronger when faced with adversity and shock.”

Wow, that’s a tough act to follow! We’re living in a VUCA world, volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. With the amount of bad news around, isn’t it perfectly human to buckle under the weight of such concerns? Shouldn’t it be ok to need that time-out, to feel the feels and pause to recover?

We say a big yes to all that!

Le Serrafim takes it a step further to find growth despite the hardships that come their way. Chaewon continues:

“ANTIFRAGILE consists of five tracks, and carries the message that we will grow and become stronger and more solid in the face of hardship…It speaks of our determination to pioneer our own path with skill and effort, regardless of the challenges that come our way. Basically, it’s an album that talks about the way we face and overcome hardships. The strength of that doesn’t allow anything to break apart.”


Best version of yourself

Different members of the group share that same vision of a better version of themselves. Kazuha looks forward to seeing herself as stronger and more confident.

“I want to try performances that express how I’ve become stronger and more confident. Because I’m still in the process of continuously trying to become that kind of person…I have the desire to keep growing and improving so that I can stand on an even bigger stage…I want to try doing even more activities than I am now, and my goal is to stand on stage while filled to the brim with confidence.”


‘Good Parts’ another song in the album inspires Yunjin to seek for greater self-acceptance.

“Good parts’ is a song about accepting our imperfections as part of our true selves.”


Sakura adds that the theme really resonates with her especially in facing disappointment.

“There are times when you don’t feel well or the situation isn’t great, or sometimes you feel disappointed in yourself, but you can set your mind to love even in those moments. I liked that mindset a lot.”


Anti-fragile, is the vision of a better Le SSerafim. One that does not crumble under the weight of social pressures.

“…no matter what the world throws at us, we’ll find a way to persevere…”


Is it a pipe dream?

What about you and I, mere mortals that are not celestial beings? Maybe we have not survived a meteorite crashing on us but we’ve certainly fought many battles and survived. What’s important is to see how far we have come and celebrate the tiny ‘wins’ along life’s way. Every battle scar adds on to toughen ourselves, teach us lessons about our own resilience and wisdom on how to face the world.

For those of you who have experienced trauma and crushing defeat, recovery could be extraordinary. It could mean a dynamic difference to the person that you were before. Once a nervous, uncertain individual, post traumatic growth could mean the flip side of the coin, a self-assured, confident, go-getter. If you find yourself shape shifting into a better you after being hit by a tragedy, congratulate yourself. You are Anti-Fragile!


Here are the parts of your Anti-fragile armour

Self- acceptance


Facing Disappointment

Overcoming failure

Growth Mindset

Build Confidence


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