TXT, Devil by the Window.

Free yourself from temptation, accusation and self-blame


‘Devil by the Window’, what does that mean? TXT unfolds a dark untold truth that too many struggle with. Those forbidden thoughts, temptations and accusations that we are too shy to share.


Temptation -‘You can’t get off the ride’

“One more episode of Netflix and I’ll go do my work”. Ha, if you are anything like me, one last this and one last that, is the biggest lie I tell myself!

But why is it sooo hard to stop doing all those things that we shouldn’t be doing?

Well, our brain is such that anything that is pleasurable will trigger certain feel-good neuro-chemicals, such as Dopamine. Yup, dope it is! Our brain likes these stuff and when Dopamine is released, the brain remembers and associates that feel-good experience with the action that we took. Hence, that memory is lodged in a feedback loop that keeps us coming back for more.

Read here to know how our brain becomes addicted.


Tunnel Vision – ‘A wolf in sheep clothes, His disguise’

We all have certain schemas or views about life which helps us to pre-select from the vast amount of information out there. When we are too skewed in our view, we may end up only choosing to hear what we want to believe. Pss, like our celebrity bias can do no wrong?

Confirmation Bias is a serious case of cognitive tunnel vision. It’s a way of thinking such that you choose information that supports only your existing beliefs. It also affects how we interpret the information that we have chosen to focus on. Hence our memories will be filled with only one-side of the truth which further enhances our blind-spots.

Read here for more information on Confirmation Bias, Schemas, and Blind Spots.


If we keep distilling the truth based on our biases, it will lead us to the next point. How can you tell if that thoughts in your head is the truth?


Distorted Views – ‘I can’t tell what is fake in my reality’.

For those of us who are exceedingly hard on ourselves, some time the biggest devil in our life is ourselves.

Most of us would have experienced some form of set-back in life. We may hate ourselves for a while but once we process that feeling, we can let it slide. But if we allow self-blame, guilt and accusations to fester, it will only grow stronger. Over time, that negative thought about ourselves becomes automatic and we accept that thought as who we are. The same goes for that negative thought that you have for someone else.


We don’t have to be imprisoned by those thoughts that mess us up. There’s a way to

‘Fly, Weightless without a worry into the night’

Here’s how:

Identifying distorted thoughts

Whether we are struggling with a blinkered view of self or others, one good way to have an unbiased and clear view of any situation is to question any extreme views. Check your thoughts against this list.


Reframing a situation.

Once you’ve identified how your thinking has been distorted, try finding another way to understand that situation or person. There may be circumstances that cause a person to behave in a certain way or there may be information that we do not know yet to make an accurate assessment. Whatever it is, when we try not to pass judgement too quickly, it helps to free us from the worst thoughts and emotions.



Defusing repeated thoughts

If there are ruminating or repetitive negative thoughts in our minds that keeps playing on, then one good way is to tune it off. Here’s how to do so.



Need someone to help you keep those ‘devilish’ thoughts away? Click on Help



If you are struggling very hard with thoughts about wanting life to end, please give us a few minutes to read this article. Please know that nobody wants to die, we just need a way out of our misery.

There is hope, please call for help immediately.

SOS helpline


Photos and video:

TXT (투모로우바이투게더) ‘Devil By The Window’ MV (Eng Sub), KEN Entertainment

Devil by the Window – TOMORROW X TOGETHER [뮤직뱅크/Music Bank] | KBS 230127 방송, KBS Kpop


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