Taeyang’s advice on authentic friendships and growth

Kpop Idol, Taeyang, is back with his latest hit “Vibe”. He shares that good “vibes” do not come from fame, but from everyday life and connections.

Video: TAEYANG - 'VIBE (feat. Jimin of BTS)' M/V - YouTube

Worldwide singer, Taeyang, recently released his new Single “Vibe” with BTS Jimin.

Image taken from Taeyang’s Instagram: __youngbae__ 

Authentic Relationships

According to Taeyang, good vibes come from the love and energy that form between the relationship you have with someone or something you love, and the harmony in between. He shares that good vibes can come from people who have your back, who tell you what you need to know, instead of what you want to know.

“It’s important to surround yourself with people who can give you good advice and keep you on the right path. While becoming popular and receiving love from many people, I think there are moments where I miss out on hearing what is good for me, and instead follow words that are nice to hear”, shares Taeyang in his interview with Rolling Stone.

He expresses gratitude to the people around him, like his good friend and producer Teddy, who remained unbiased despite his fame. Their support and advice during hard times were what kept Taeyang going.

ge taken from Taeyang’s Instagram: __youngbae__ 

Growing with good “vibes”

During the start of his career, Taeyang missed out on some of the good “vibes” that he advocates for now. He shares that he felt stressed to excel and gain more fame, which led him to be more critical of himself.

Fortunately during his hiatus, he understood that reflecting on one’s own growth and shortcomings is far more important than chasing fame. He became more forgiving with himself, and seeked ways to continuously improve. He shares this wisdom with Rolling Stone:

“I used to not want to see old content and would feel embarrassed by it. I tend not to watch a lot of old videos. But now when I look back, I think of ways to upgrade my music and performances for the future. I also look at aspects of myself that I should continue on with.”

Image taken from Taeyang – ‘VIBE” (feat, Jimin of BTS)’ LIVE CLIP music video

Taeyang mentions that little things like sunsets, valuable advice from authentic connections, and his child – especially his baby’s laughter – bring him ultimate good vibes.

Image taken from Taeyang Official Youtube Channel

What and who in life do you cherish and give you good vibes?


Here’s how you can keep those good vibes overflowing:

Focus on growing one step at a time

Think positive

Be kind and forgiving to yourself

Speak kindly and with compassion to those around you. 




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