K-Pop Purple Kiss Swan, standing up to cyberbullying and fat-shaming

Maknae (youngest member) of the K-pop girl group Purple Kiss, Swan, show us that no matter one's body-shape or size one can still achieve dreams and be confident

Video and photo: @mo_onbyul https://lh6.googleusercontent.com @koreaboo

It’s not the first time that (K-pop) idols have been bullied various times because of their body-size and weight. As the entertainment industry does not look kindly upon plus-size or “chubbier” idols, superstars like Swan face pressure and criticism on the way they look.

Image taken from RBW Official Twitter: @rbw_purplekiss

Haters claim that Swan is “not fit” for K-pop as she has many “body disadvantages, such as a big waist, plump biceps, and thighs”.

Fortunately, fans and supporters of Swan came to her defence – shooting down comments about the idol’s shape. Some comments:

“You know, I wish more of them would look like her so that it becomes normal for idols to have different body shapes.”

“I don’t want to comment about other people’s appearance, but it is true that KPOP idols have to follow some regulations to maintain their image. I think people should focus on her talents rather than her weight.”

“For God’s sake, body shape is none of my business. It doesn’t matter if she’s curvy or skinny. She’s pretty either way. I think she looks cute the way she is… So stop this outdated idea that she has to look a certain way!”

Image taken from RBW Official Instagram: purplekiss_official

One’s body-size and weight is not the X-Factor of being an idol. It was definitely heartwarming to see fans supporting and showing love to Swan. For Swan, there is no denying that her talent supersedes the way her body looks.

Fans expressed that K-pop labels/companies should have more different representations of different people to achieve more realistic beauty standards.

Image taken from RBW Official Twitter: @rbw_purplekiss

Moonbyul, leader of the K-pop group MAMAMOO signed under the same company as Purple Kiss, also gave Swan some valuable advice and a confidence boost:

“It’s not that [you weren’t] working on yourself. So I don’t think you should be stressed about that too much. You’re a singer and you’re good at doing your job. That’s more than enough.”

Image taken from P.S Note Purple Kiss NOW Studio Youtube Video 


Are you facing the same situation or know of someone who is like swan.

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