Harry Styles: Measuring Success with Smiles

Heart throb musicians have moments of anxiety too. How does Harry Styles' attitude towards success quell his deep-seated worries?

Like many other concerts and festivals, Harry Styles’ tour ‘Love On Tour’ was a production put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Photo via the Atlantic

The Waiting Game

This 2-year setback must have hit the star hard. This would be his second ever concert tour to promote his second album Fine Line. The hold on the tour went on for so long that he even produced another album Harry’s House.

Persisting through that doubt and worry takes a very positive mental attitude. His motivation seems to echo his approach to making music.

Harry Styles during Love On Tour
Photo via Harper’s Bazaar

“I just want to make good music. And everything else is what it will be. And that’s kind of it.”

Reinventing Oneself

After leaving One Direction, the band that made Harry Styles a household name, the singer-songwriter reached wild levels of fame for his unique sound. But it was never the same for his career.

But that did not sway his confidence in this career move.

He started writing songs heavily inspired by 70s music and that accentuated his strong vocal range. Since going solo, he has sung about topics like drug addiction and abuse and feeling low during sex.

Definitely not the kind of things you would expect from One Direction.

Boy band One Direction
Photo via Koimoi

Happiness is success itself

During the pandemic, the self-described perfectionist was forced to cease creating for a short period. This drove him to reflect on his media and content consumption: What does all of it mean to him?

He came to the following conclusion:

“I think if you’re making what you want to make, then ultimately no one can tell you you’re unsuccessful, because you’re doing what makes you happy.”

Harry Styles during Love On Tour
Photo via Variety


Finding it hard to get back into the swing of things after a long break or a disappointment can be hard. A little bit of Styles mindset may help. Stop looking at the high expectations and big goals. Look at the little joys that you can find in what you do, one step at a time and before you know you, you’re on your way to your destination.

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