Park Hyung Sik, from rejected to finding refuge in the Wooga Squad

The pain of being ignored, rejected and ostracised is real. But that feeling does not have to destroy you. Keep on finding your tribe.


Park Hyung Sik, lead actor of the latest Kdrama series ‘Our Blooming Youth’, is also a singer, song-writer, film, stage and theatre actor, and has won more than 10 awards since his debut. While Hyung Sik’s popularity continues to climb, he was once very unpopular in his trainee days and suffered depression as a result of it

In an episode of ‘Healing Camp’, Hyung Sik shared what happened in his trainee days that got him spiralling into depression. He that his good relation with his then manager caused him to be misunderstood by his peers.

“Since I was close with the manager who cast me, to the other trainees, I guess it seemed like I was sucking up to him. At some point, they stopped eating with me, and they wouldn’t respond to me even if I tried to talk to them.” The feelings of rejection led to depression.

However, Hyung Sik was able to reframe his perspective. Rather than crave the acceptance the people who were jealous of him he decided.

“I think that was when I realized, ‘I just have to do well myself.’

Then in 2016, Hyung Sik acted in ‘Hwarang, the poet warrior youth’ alongside BTS‘s V (Kim Taehyung), Park Seo Joon, Peakboy, and Choi Woo Sik. Since then, they have not only become besties but also the most envied celebrity friend group.

Hyung Sik, clearly treasures the Wooga Squad with all his soul, especially having experienced the pain of being cancelled by peers. He talks about his Wooga bros:

“They are my only refuge, a place where I can heal. Honestly, it’s not easy for everyone to be a good match. But when we got together, it was crazy. Everyone was so funny.”


Do you feel like your friends are not accepting you? Here are some pointers that can turn your situation around just like Hyung Sik.

Overcoming rejection

Turn the situation around by changing your perspective


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