NCT DREAM, keeping the dream alive.

NCT Dream, the name means so much more when you know about their journey


“2021 was actually one of the toughest years for me. From the beginning of the year to the very end of 2021, I was just going nonstop. I looked back and was like, “I’ve done so much, but I feel empty inside.” – Mark from NCT DREAM.

The journey to that NCT DREAM was not all glamor or smooth sailing.

Image taken from Instagram: @nct_dream

For starters, NCT DREAM initially operated on an age-focused admission and ‘graduation’ (termination of work) system. Once a member reached the age of 20, they had to retire and leave the group. Mark being the oldest was the first to leave in 2018 under this rule. Imagine, investing your whole life into achieving something only to see it end at age 20!

“The graduation system was traumatic but we had to endure it and go on,” said Mark.

Although the boys went through a tough time after seeing their leader and friend leave the group, they continue to focus on their music.

Image taken from Instagram: @nct_dream

Fans petitioned tirelessly for NCT DREAM to be made a fixed unit. Thankfully, confirmation that the graduation system was to be scrapped, and Mark’s imminent return came around 2020. Marks return has since strengthened their bonds as a group.

The reunion with Mark sets an unofficial “start date” for NCT DREAM again.

“I don’t think of NCT DREAM’s debut as our official start. All the obstacles and experiences we had got us to where we’re at now. We are seven members again and we can say to fans, This is our beginning”, Haechan reflected.

Sometimes, trials and challenges can serve to strengthen the team and ourselves, make use even more determined to treasure what we’ve got.

Jaemin says: “There are some relationships where times make you become more comfortable and used to each other. With NCT DREAM though, our relationship and trust in one another have only grown stronger with time”.

Image taken from Instagram: @smtown

NCT Dream upholds the original NCT concept of ever changing youth yet holding onto our dreams. While Chenle may not be performing in the Singapore concert, we know that NCT Dream will push on.

We may be facing a disappointing situation in life, such as loosing 2 years of our dream to COVID19, or not getting into the school of choice or the job that we want. But don’t give up, push on just like NCT Dream. You’ll never know what dream awaits you as you turn the corner.

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