Jackson Wang, when personal boundaries are crossed.

Jackson Wang's recent performance in Brazil has helped us to be more aware about setting personal boundaries.

Photo: @jacksonwang852g7

(Trigger alert, This article may cause emotional and psychological distress)

The internet has headlined Jackson Wang’s performance in Brazil as one where he was groped by a fan.

Jackson Wang is known to be always warm and friendly to everyone he meets, he is always caring about the welfare of his fans and even greets everyone on the streets. In his concerts, he has often invited fans up on stage as he sings to them. In the recent concert in Brazil, one fan got a bit carried away as she cuddled up to him as he sang ‘I love you 3000’. Some netizens were upset with the actions of that fan on stage. As the mega idol that he is, Jackson was able to politely navigate the situation before things got out of hand.

We find that this incident is a good awakening to the need for setting personal boundaries. Unwanted sexual attention can be psychologically traumatizing. It is important to try to avoid being in any situation where you can fall victim to unwanted sexual advances. Learning how to set boundaries is one step towards keeping ourselves safe from sexual predators.

Setting physical boundary

Physical boundary is the personal space, physical distance and touch that we are comfortable with. To have healthy physical boundaries, we need to be aware of what is appropriate in each situation and relationship.

Often perpetrators would target people who look vulnerable and afraid. Standing up for yourself and behaving in an assertive manner could reduce the risk of being a target.

When a stranger stands too close, showing your displeasure would send signals about boundaries. If a person touches you in a manner that makes you feel uncomfortable, be very stern and audible when you tell off that person.

According to Singapore Legal Advice some forms of sexual misconduct is a criminal offence. Click here for more legal information. 

A person who has been sexually harassed or violated can feel very confused about the situation. AWARE provides clarity about what is sexual harassment (click here) and what you can do.


Emotional and Social boundaries

Besides physical boundaries, setting other boundaries such as emotional and social boundaries would contribute to personal mind-care. Click here to find out more about these boundaries


Please get help if this topic triggers negative emotions. Here are some helplines you can use to talk to someone about what you are going through.


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