The Little Mermaid: New beginnings and making right choices

The Little Mermaid is more than just a happily-ever-after-story. It tells of what we need to face a new world and to chase our dreams.


Those familiar with the amazing singing voice of the animated mermaid named Ariel might also remember her to be a curious and spirited soul. In spite of the law against interacting with humans, Ariel was known to have a secret love for all things from the surface world.

The Little Mermaid, Ariel
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Choosing Your Own Destiny

The power of Ariel’s voice goes beyond her enchanting singing. Her desire to discover the surface and experience human life appears to be unrealistic, but she cannot deny how she feels. Against her father’s wishes, the young mermaid is determined to expand her horizons.

Ariel’s merman father, King Triton
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“This obsession with humans has to stop,” said Ariel’s father King Triton.

“This little mermaid reflects what it means to want something greater for yourself,” said Halle Bailey, the actor behind The Little Mermaid.

Perfectly fine to chase our dreams, but how do we make it happen will have it’s consequences.

Bad Influences and Manipulative People

With the help of Flounder, the fish and Sebastian the crab, Ariel finds her way to Ursula, the evil sea witch. Ariel knew the witch had a bad reputation but sought her help anyway.

“What has your father told you about me?” asked Ursula.

“You like to start trouble,” replied Ariel.

Listening to people you trust can be wise especially with regard to warnings.

Ursula, the evil sea witch
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The Easy Way Out

“Flipping your fins, you don’t get too far. Legs are required for jumping, dancing,” sings Ariel.

This was all she wanted and she was growing impatient. So, when Ursula dangles her dream in front of her, it is hard for her to resist.

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“Come on, you poor unfortunate soul. Go ahead, make your choice.” But after the irreversible deal is made, Ursula sneers, “She doesn’t stand a chance (on land).” Though Ariel got to have legs and walk amongst humans, Ursula had made an unfair bet in an attempt to steal King Triton’s crown.

Sometimes, the easy way around getting to your goal can lead to mishaps. Intentions of others cannot always be assumed to be good. When making a big decision, always consult people you trust and that you know have your best interest in mind.

Making Good Choices

Ursula and Ariel making a deal
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Simple as this idea may seem, it is often hard to tell good choices from bad ones. This is not the same as the elementary lesson of telling right from wrong. With the increasing number of decisions that are presented to us as we grow up, the harder it is to make the right choices for us.

Ariel exploring land
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Should we take the leap of faith or maintain the status quo? Why should we break the cycle of mediocrity for the chance of a lifetime when it may cost us everything?

Yes, that sounds dramatic, but Ursula said it best: “Life’s full of tough choices, isn’t it?”

Growing Into Your Own Person

Even if it means venturing into ‘another world’, taking time to discover yourself can help you feel more sure of your place in the world. This could be a course of study, a social group, a country or community, or a field of work. If you do not take the time to explore the ones that call to you, you may regret not taking that chance on yourself.

Ariel and Prince Eric on land
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Ariel decided to exchange her voice permanently for a pair of legs. Though this was just a three-day-long deal, she was eager to wander on land. This was not simply because of the mermaid’s desire to walk, rather, her need to leave a life that does not suit her.

Ariel exploring human artefacts
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Director Rob Marshall shares: “Ariel is a girl who feels displaced. She wants something more.”


Who has got your back?


Ariel and her friends under the sea
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And this sort of change is possible with the right support system and a growth mindset. If being ‘under the sea’ is not what you expected it to be, do not be afraid to consider other worlds.

Ariel was able to live her dream despite the bad deal with the sea-witch because she had a community that was there for her and willing to go the extra mile to keep her safe, if not happy. Having a support system and safety net to fall back onto, provides the freedom for you to venture out into those other worlds you dream of.


Sebastian the Crab and Flounder the Fish
Photo via Disney

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