Skip and Loafers anime, on making and keeping friends.

Skip and loafers is more than just a romance story. It's a coming of age story that shows us ways to navigate life, friendships, and ignoring gossip.

Skip and loafers is an animated show surrounding the main character, Mitsumi Iwakura. She leaves her small hometown, family and bestie to attend high school in the city, full of hopes and dreams.

This typical romance anime also offers some valuable ‘slice of life’ advice on topics like making and keeping friends.

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Friendships may take some effort, but keeping connections alive even over the miles or blossoming new friendships may not be as hard as it seems.

Here’s what we learn from Skip and Loafers:

Mitsumi at work
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Think of what’s best for your friend.

The friendship between Mitsumi and her hometown bestie, Fumi, shows that physical distance between friends can be overcome by thoughtful actions.

In order to fulfil her dream in Tokyo, Mitsumi studies tirelessly for her high school entrance exam, which leads to a lack of appetite and an overwhelming feeling of stress.

Encouraging Mitsumi to take a break from studies, Fumi brings Mitsumi delicious food and lovingly reminds her that her physical and mental wellbeing are important. And in order to do well for her exams, Mitsumi should take breaks and take care of herself.

Whether it’s an online friendship or one that is separated by circumstance, we can still keep the love by showing concern and care in practical ways.

“Just know that we are here and we understand what you’re going through,” said Fumi. 

Mitsumi eating with Fumi
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Language of love

“Please allow me to lend you a helping hand in making your school years a rewarding experience”, said Fumi when helping her best friend prepare for student council interviews.

Though they experience different school life struggles, Fumi and Mitsumi’s friendship shows that commitment and using the five love languages can help to maintain a connection. Getting matching panda hair clips (gifts), planning calls with each other (quality time), and encouraging each other (words of affirmation) help their friendship grow whilst in separate schools!

Who says love languages are only for romantic relationships? Love languages simply mean understanding the way your friend shows their concern for you.

Mitsumi on the phone with Fumi
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Fumi gifting Mistumi a hair clip
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Standup for your friends.

“Spilling the tea” and gossip can be enticing, especially when we are trying to fit in. In Skip and Loafer, there are rumours about Shima being a ‘player’ (i.e. dating around or having meaningless relationships). Yuzuki is also rumoured to get a free pass because of her good looks.

What do we do when vicious rumours spread?

Mika whispering to Mitsumi
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Well, Mitsumi does not believe any of those rumours and gets to know the true Shima and Yuzuki by herself. She invites Yuzuki and Shima for a group outing and speaks to them individually to hear their stories.

Rumours are toxic and hurtful. This is especially true when the rumours are false.

Mitsumi adopts the option of giving others a chance to voice their truth rather than blindly listening to gossipmongers.

Yuzuki saying bye to Mitsumi
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Giving things a shot

Makoto is a shy and quiet-natured girl. She dislikes keeping up with trends and popular things, which makes it hard for her to socialise.

It’s fine to be an introvert, but how do we avoid closing ourselves off to new friendships?

Makoto hanging out with Mitsumi and Shima
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Makoto bravely accepts an invitation to hang out with Mitsumi after school. Then, Makoto buys a limited-edition drink to “give it a shot” and is pleasantly delighted by the enjoyable experience.

Makoto soon realizes that overcoming her preconceived notions of undesirable novel experiences leads to new forms of happiness. This includes a friend group that accepts her for who she is.

Makoto trying a limited edition drink
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Whether it’s a new class or school, or the same cohort, putting in a little effort to show some care can to create lasting friendships. With an open mind and the willingness to give others (and yourself) a chance, you may just be able to find great friends like the characters in Skip and Loafer!

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Language of love is not just for lovers.


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