Is AI taking over your career dreams?

With the launch of Photoshop’s Generative AI tool, creatives on TikTok face a harsh reality check with an unclear view of their futures.

Tiktok is full of creative users with accounts dedicated to graphic design work and other artistry. The app has been stirring following a recent software update.

Well-known creative and marketing software company Adobe has released a Generative AI Fill Tool in Adobe Photoshop. Using text prompts, you can alter images using the editing software. Though the function is still in the beta phase, the products are shockingly seamless.

‘Photoshop AI took my job’ via Rick Simmons on TikTok 

This tool poses a threat to the relevance of the ‘graphic designer’ role, the confidence of graduates and the future of various workplaces.

While technological advancement can be seen in a positive light, some TikTok users are showing that their work hours are going to be reduced to a fraction of what they are currently working if workplaces start to encourage use of this software. Imagine an 8-hour work day reduced to 8 minutes!

‘Editing in Photoshop AI: 20 seconds VS 20 minutes’ via MarventuresTV on TikTok

With the changing landscape and workload expectations, designers may be filled with a sense of dread due to the fear of the unknown. This can lead to frantic searches for a new career path or, conversely, working overtime to prove their relevance to their existing bosses. Graduates or soon-to-be workers are not immune to the effects of this uncertainty.

Most people also feel alone in the ordeal.

If you feel anxious just reading this story, you are not alone. Creative fields have been labelled everything from “non-essential” to “not a real job”. But like how things have changed since then, the world around us will continue to evolve.

Art via @highnunchicken on Instagram

‘Essential, or not?’
Photo via The Sunday Times on 14 June 2020

That’s where adopting a flexible mindset can help one manage change. Change is unavoidable and while that can be stressful, it can also strengthen our resolve.

The changes that we have faced so far have actively shaped and moulded us into who we are today, sometimes without us really noticing. We are called to recognise this, adapt accordingly and persevere through the discomfort.

Then, we develop into empowered individuals who can take on anything that comes our way. Bonus: We feel more sure of why we chose the path that we are on!

Here’s the mindset to keep you future proof



Growth Mindset

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