XG GRL GVNG – How to be an Xtraordinary Girl?

Coming from Japan but based in Korea, K-pop group XG tells us how to navigate a VUCA world


Xtraordinary Girls, otherwise known as XG, recently released their new single “GRL GVNG”. 

“There’s no limit, nothing that we can’t do”

Image taken from Instagram: @xgofficial

The girls shared with NME that their new album is about growing stronger through adversity, gaining confidence, and leaving comparison at the door.

Adversity as a stepping stone

The road to Kpop stardom can be brutal. The same fears of rejection and disappointment can be translated to those of us starting in a new career or education path, or those of us striving for academic or work achievements.

“I remember Jurin trying to memorize five sets of raps for one evaluation test. She would stay up until 5 in the morning to practice,” – Chisa.

The girls mentioned how they managed the stress that comes with being an idol while creating a name for themselves globally in the music industry.

Maya: “Our songs are all in English, and we don’t actually have a specific region. But we do want to share our songs globally, and inspire a lot of people and give them strength with our music. I think that’s what we’re focusing on.”

The girls chose to face up to adversities and work hard during their training. They saw opportunities in challenges and took them as learning points to get better in their career.

Image taken from: @xgofficial

Keeping a good attitude while learning

While trying to advance in their career and personal goals, the girls also had to juggle three languages (Korean, English, and Japanese) to perform and promote themselves.

Harvey: “During our five years of training, we’ve been studying English and Korean a lot. I did a lot of research on pronunciation and practised a lot”

It’s easy to stick out when making mistakes, or when we aren’t progressing at the rate we want to. However, staying curious and adopting the mindset of practice makes progress helped the girls achieve their goals.

Image taken from: @xgofficial

Leaving comparsion behind

New beginnings can be overwhelming. It’s easy to lose confidence and get caught up in the spiral of comparison.

In a Buzzfeed interview, XG shared some valuable advice on how to pull yourself out of the spiral of comparison.

Cocona: I don’t think you need to rush to have it [confidence]! You can take it slow and work on it at your own pace.

Hinata: I think it’s important to have the mindset that you don’t have to compare yourself to people who seem to have what you lack. You have unique charms that only you possess. It’s okay to just be yourself.

Jurin: I think it’s important to always try to turn the kind of person you want to be into action because your actions, words, and thoughts all shape who you are!

Image taken from: @xgofficial 

Need a confidence boost? Here’s how you can look at adversity as stepping stones towards your goal:

Growth Mindset


Transitioning to adulthood


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