Lessons from Netflix, Love to Hate you

Latest Netflix rom-com, Love to Hate you, teaches us about accountability, uncovering our blindspots, and what it's like starting a new role.


Nextflix’s latest rom-com Love to Hate you, starring Kim Ok-vin and Teo Yoo, had a real life experience running parallel to the series.

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If You Never Try, You Never Know

Known for her darker and action-packed works, Kim Ok-vin was reluctant to star in a romantic-comedy show because she felt “it wasn’t her thing”.

Kim took a brave step out of her comfort zone when she took on her character in Love to Hate you.

Kim shared in a Netflix interview: “I thought romantic comedies were not my thing, so I was reluctant to star in those types of dramas. At first, I was worried and afraid that rom-com series are only for certain actors. After filming the show, I regret being intimidated by the genre and not doing more of them when I was young.”

The first few attempts of starting a new journey may not go smoothly, especially when you’re still learning and figuring things out. However, you might find something you enjoy when you give things a chance and go in with an open mind.

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Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

Kim Ok-vin’s character in Love to Hate you, Mi Ran, is a resilient person with a strong sense of justice. But that results in some hasty impressions. We all see life through different shade and lens due to our mental schemas. However, when we refuse to open up our minds to other possibilities, we may just end up developing prejudices and stereotype others.

Mi Ran is quick to judge Teo Yoo’s character, Kang Ho. She makes a quick assumption that Kang Ho is arrogant. Mi Ran revealed her blind spot; being judgmental.

As the series progresses, Mi Ran realises her judgement was unfair. She held herself accountable and apologised to Kang Ho for her actions.

Image credit: Netflix

Blind spots are parts of ourselves that we cannot see as ‘negative’ or are unaware of. Usually, they manifest in the form of behaviour, habits, and ways of thinking that cause us to have biases in our actions and thoughts.

Being mindful and aware of our subconscious biases can stop us from judging people unfairly. We may even start to become accountable and improve our relationships with others.

Here are some tips that can help you overcome your blindspots:

How to spot your blindspots

Confirmation bias

Managing adulthood


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