TikTok Aged Filter: Growing Old and How We View It

The 'Aged' filter trend on TikTok is all about giving us a sneak peek of what we might look like when we’re older. And some of us don't like it.

Aged filters have kicked up a lot of dust in Tiktok recently. While some had a good laugh looking at their aged selves, most are horrified.

So what drives these reactions? How do you view aging? Are you afraid of aging? What determines your standards of beauty? What is beauty to you in the first place?

One thing is for sure, Aged filters have got a lota of people thinking beyond skin deep.

“it’s scary”
Photo via TikTok user: @mycallsname2

 One TikTok user tried the filter on the cast of F.R.I.E.N.D.S from the earlier seasons, and the results were mind-blowing when compared to the cast’s photos today.

“bro WHAT”
Photo via TikTok user: @virallinkztv

I have to admit, seeing myself as an older person made me panic a little and definitely got me thinking about taking better care of my skin. But the whole trend also made me realize that aging, inevitable as it may be, is seen in a negative light. A few wrinkles and greying hair really shouldn’t be seen as ‘bad’ or ‘scary’.

People in their early twenties have even shared how the filter has urged them to start using eye creams and anti-aging serums!

Growing old is about so much more than changes in our looks. It’s about the journey and all the experiences we’ll have along the way. From now until we are ‘old and grey’, we will feel all sorts of new emotions, meet amazing new people, follow our dreams, and make an impact in the world (or at least, someone’s world).

“I don’t like it.”
Photo via Kylie Jenner’s official TikTok account

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to look young, but we should also embrace the natural changes in our bodies. After all, those fine lines will be our badges of honor, showing that we’ve smiled with all our hearts – they’re proof that we’ve truly lived!

If anything, we should take the “aged” filter to serve as a reminder that our youth is fleeting. We should cherish every single day. Travel to cool places while we can, enjoy our favorite hobbies, and treasure our friends and family.

And hey, growing old doesn’t mean giving up on seizing the day! No matter how old we get, we can always make time for fun activities to keep our youthful spirit alive.


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