Gran Turismo: Dream to Reality

Gran Turismo shows us how we can create our destiny by making wise decisions.

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PlayStation gamers and racing enthusiasts may have fond memories of playing Gran Turismo (GT) in their childhood. Some may have even daydreamed about the colours and models of their own race cars in the future.  This movie based on a real-life story shows that there are no limits to aspiration.

Here is  what we can learn about realising our dreams from Jann Mardenborough and his journey:

Jann and other finalists of the GT Academy competition
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Keep A Clear View of Your Goals

Since he was playing go-karts at 8 years old, Jann has always had a strong interest in cars. He has kept up this interest by watching World Rally Championships (WRC) and other races with the intention of  being a race car driver in life, .

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All I ever wanted to be is a racer,” Jann said at the dinner table in Gran Turismo.

Then, again to his father when he was training. “All I ever wanted to do is be a driver. I’m doing it.”

Sometimes, it is hard to take that leap of faith in yourself. When you know, you know. So, take stock of your abilities.

Hone Your Skills

Though unorthodox, Jann gained a strong sense of confidence and understanding of the sport of racing through race simulations. The race track in his video game closely mimics the real life race track in his GT Academy competition.

Simulated activities are often to train real life skillsets such as quick reactions,  attention, concentration, managing pressure, emotional regulation, team co-operation and so forth.

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Similarly, if you think a dream is farfetched, remember that you have similar transferable skills that may apply and help you feel like you are ready to pursue a dream that is suitable.

Jann spoke to his trainer with sureness in his voice: “I know this track. I’ve raced it a thousand times.”

But when it came to driving on a real track, Jann was unaware of just how different it is from the game.

PlayStation gaming, though similar in character building is vastly different in many ways to racing competitively. It lacks the rigorous physical exercises to build endurance and the ability to sustain the hot and pressure-filled car in a real race.

Watch out for Blind Spots

Jack Salter
Photo via IMDb

Just as there are blind spots in driving, so are there in real life. These are the gaps of knowledge about ourselves and everything else that we don’t know. 

Though he was training with Jack Salter, a professional coach, Jann was at a disadvantage competing against seasoned, elite athletes.

Jann’s trainer warned: “This is the major leagues. The other drivers – your pit crew – are going to hate you… If you miss a line in the game, you reset. If you miss it on the track, you could die.”

Gran Turismo Simulated Game Training
Photo via IMDb

Reality bites! But making sure that you recognise the differences between real life experiences and your dream can help you to prepare for your potential future reality. That means doing Google deep dives, asking others for advice and signing up for trials and conferences.

Remember Your Drive 

“If I lose, I lose more than just a race. So I’m not going to quit.”

In this quote, he was likely talking about losing his opportunity to change his life forever by pursuing his dreams. He might also be referencing his determination not to let his family down or taking a different career path.

Jann in a race car
Photo via IMDb

His professional soccer player father, Steve Mardenborough, looked down on his racing aspirations because of how expensive and unrealistic they were. In the movie, even after becoming a finalist, Jann did not receive much faith from his father. During a dinner table scene in the movie, Jann’s mother Lesley also urged him to return to University to study Design and Engineering.

GIF via Tenor

It’s never easy choosing between practical, tried and tested paths or those that your heart dreams of. Learning to make wise decisions could help to forge the best of both worlds. Finding out as much as you can about the reality of the path you choose and preparing for the journey can help you ride it through.

Of course, if it gets too difficult and odds are stacked against you even after trying your best, it is okay to modify or let go of this particular idea. Rest, recover and move on when you are ready!

Keep Your Chin Up

For those still holding on, this is what Jann had to say to his father who did not believe in him: “All I ever wanted to do is be a driver. I’m doing it. Whether you believe in me or not.”

Despite being put down by his competitors or even his trainer, Jann would pick himself up and get back to work.  Jann has since forged a bright and glamorous career path while revolutionising the idea of racing as a sport.

Jann and Jack
Photo via IMDb

In moments where it feels like hope is lost, it helps to have encouraging voices of those who believe in you. For Jann, it was Jack Salter.

Here are some motivational quotes that might help you in your situation:

“Most people can’t. Now, I got a feeling you’re not most people.”

“I know you’re scared. But whether you like it or not, you are in this race! Come on! Get in the fight!”

“Lets go show the world.”


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