Le Sserafim, staying true to yourself and your goals

Le sserafim shares the mindset you need to fight criticisms and stay unwavering in pursuing success


Known for creating unique music in the K-pop industry, Le sserafim inspires their fans to embody the mindset of confidence, determination, and being authentically you.

How do they hold steadfast to their belief, with the myriad of criticism from within and without.

Image taken from Instagram: @le_sserafim


“Unforgiven, I’m a villain”

Le sserafim’s song Unforgiven sings about unflinching determination to strive for success.

But what do we do when we meet “villains” in our success story? Those words of discouragement that trigger repeated thoughts of defeat?

Image taken from Instagram: @le_sserafim

Kpop idol are often scrutinized and criticised for every action, words and deeds with their flaws often magnified. Even for ordinary netizens social media can be just as brutal and pressurising.

The girls of Le sserafim shared in an interview with NME that they wanted to forge their own path without needing anyone’s “permission”.

Yunjin: “Every decision we make is subjected to people’s judgement. While walking your path, there will be those who make judgments about you and say things that aren’t true. We want to empower people to walk their own path, even if you might become the villain in other people’s eyes.”

While, we may not be able to shut down every comment that is made about you, you don’t have to give it the permission to rule over you. Heed the feedback but let go of the hate that comes with the words and comments. And keep only those friends that encourage and build you up.

Gif taken from Tenor

: https://tenor.com/view/le-sserafim-unforgiven-kpop-yunjin-chaewon-gif-12217227114049899712

“Lighting up the dark, like a rebellion”

For some of us the biggest hurdle is believing in ourselves and forgiving ourselves when we make mistakes. If the voices in your head keeps condeming you for not being good enough, then you need to fight back against those thoughts!

Sakura explained that the road to success is about dreaming big, believing in yourself, and heeding words of wisdom or advice from those around you.

From Sakura’s start of her J-pop idol career at age 14 to her debut in Le sserafim a decade later, Sakura shared that the road to success begins with believing in oneself. She credits her own success to her ability to bounce back after facing setbacks.

Sakura: “A big part of our identity is self-acceptance and just showing ourselves as honestly and transparently as we can.”

Image taken from Instagram: @le_sserafim

“Oh, you’ll see what I’m made of”

Is that a statement of defiance?

Just as every member of Le Sserafim is super talented, they have come so far because of the help of countless people who have supported them and helped them to succeed. Perhaps that statement is a promise to all those who have invested in the group that Le Sserafim will continue in their success story and will make them proud.

Just like what Sakura mentioned, going after your dreams is not about turning a deaf ear to advice or rebelling excessively. It’s about trying to bravely put one foot in front of the other to pursue your goals. Understanding yourself through self-acceptance will help with navigating throughout your journey towards achieving your dreams!


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