Min Sun-ye and Jay Park on the road less travelled

What to do when life turns out different from what we imagined? Kpop idols Sun-ye and Jay Park teach us how


Min Sun-ye from Wonder Girls and Jay Park from 2pm show us that dreams still do come true even when life doesn’t go according to plan.

Despite taking a path few celebrities take, the idols shared that they regret none of the decisions they have made. Their perseverance and ability to be adaptable helped them overcome challenges.

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Taking the road less travelled doesn’t make the destination less sweet

‘Wonder Girls’ has been a big name in the K-pop industry since the beginning. With success and recognition in both the domestic and international market, the girls were at the height of their career.

For most it may seem unwise to halt the climb to success and fame, especially after the intense training and sacrifices needed to become as famous as Wonder Girls.

But Sun-ye shared that she does not regret her decision to tie the knot with her husband to start a family. In fact, she feels proud for making a decision that she felt was right for her at the time.

“When I got married, a lot of people made comments like, ‘Don’t you think you are getting married a little too early?’ or ‘Aren’t you too young to be getting married?’ But for me, that was the right time to get married. When I look back on my life, I feel like it was completely natural for me to have gotten married around that time of my life. I have no regrets,” Sun-ye shared in an episode of MBC’s variety program “Radio Star”.

Image taken from Instagram: @sunye.m

Bouncing back after setbacks

In a similar light, Jay Park, former member of K-pop group 2pm, took an unusual route in his career.

About a year after their initial debut, Park shared an honest but controversial post on social media that received a lot of criticism. This resulted in a drastic change: Park leaving 2pm to return to his hometown in Seattle.

One may think that it was the end of Park’s career as an idol. But that’s far from what happened.

Park learnt that he could carve his own path and create his own success despite having the odds stacked against him and after leaving a huge agency in the industry.

“I’m not bitter over anything. I can’t change the past, so what I can change is the future. And so that’s what I work on”, Park shared in an interview with Agence France-Presse (AFP).

Image taken from Instagram: @moresojuplease re

Choosing your own story

Often, we have certain ideas or expectations of what success should look like and when it should happen. We may even compare ourselves to our peers. This makes it hard to feel proud of our own unique achievements and timelines.

But both Park and Sun-ye’s journey show us success looks different for everyone. And even after big setbacks, there is plenty of time to bounce back.

Sun-ye has recently returned to being an idol while being a special professor at Gangseo University, and of course mum to her three girls.

Park, on the other hand, returned to the music industry as a soloist and has founded three of the country’s largest hip-hop labels since his departure from 2pm. He is also the first Asian-American to sign with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation!

Image taken from Instagram: @sunye.m

Image taken from Instagram: @moresojuplease

Your success, Your happiness

What do we do when life doesn’t turn out the way we planned?

Well, Park accepted his situation and focused on building a better future instead of spending time regretting his past actions. Sun-Ye trusted her gut and made decisions for herself and left comparison at the door!

So, when life turns out different from what you imagine, take it as a chance to begin again and create your own success story!

Here are some tips on how to carve your own success story:

Creating your own destiny

Coping with dissappointment

Coping with peer pressures and forging your own path

What does happiness really mean


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