Aespa shifting from ‘I’m unhappy’ to ‘Better Things’.

Aespa shows us how to shift from being unhappy to having better things through a better shade of life.

Image: aespa 에스파 'I’m Unhappy’, ‘Better Things' MV, SMTOWN

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Just like Winter in I’m unhappy, we have all tried to run away. From problematic situations, responsibilities (like homework), taking accountability for one’s actions, or any other hardship that’s too much to handle.

Aespa’s latest songs remind us that we don’t have to run and be unhappy all the time.

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“Everyone looks perfect every day / As if I’m the only one logged out / The distance between the world and my heart is so far”

‘I’m unhappy’ talks about the suffocating feeling of being trapped under social comparison and expectations, be it in real life or social media.

We can easily compare our results, or others’ highlight reels to our own performance, and feel like we are lagging behind. And we may even engage in self-criticism and self-doubt without realising it.

Video: aespa 에스파 ‘Better Things’ MV, SMTOWN
“I got better things to do with my time than you” 

Though Better things talks about moving on from a relationship that no longer serves you, it presents a perfect response to the woes found in I’m unhappy.

How we see the world through our schemas and how we view others could be indicative of how we see and value ourselves.

When we form judgments and labels of others, we use the very same lenses to perceive our own lives.

Without changing our lenses from time to time, we can fall into our blind spots, which can affect relationships and limit ourselves from becoming our personal best.

Self-perception often results in the incessant thought that ‘everyone is better than you’. When we realise that this has affected our self-esteem, we need to switch out that comparison mentality so we can find self-love.

Better things and I’m unhappy remind us that having a better shade of life will lead us to better things in life


“Breathe in 4 times. Hold it for 7 seconds, and breathe out for 8 seconds. Do this until you fall asleep…”

One good way to start moving out of the negative zone to better things is to get enough sleep! The lack of sleep often leads to poor moods, lower performance and even depression.

Giselle and Karina also have some tips on what we can do to sleep better.

In an interview with ELLE Karina gave a tip on how she copes with Insomnia:

“There’s this ‘478 breathing’ that I do. You need to do it with your body totally relaxed. Breathe in 4 times. Hold it for 7 seconds, and breathe out for 8 seconds. Do this until you fall asleep.”

Gif taken from: https://www.koreaboo.com/stories/aespa-karina-suffers-insomnia-one-go-method/

Giselle had also previously announced that she would sit out of group activities because of health issues.

Though we may see this situation as a ‘missed opportunity’ or that it was a ‘shame’ that Giselle could not be part of Aespa’s promotions, Giselle did the right thing.

She recognised the importance of her health and decided to put herself first! Giselle is now back from her hiatus and doing the things she loves again.

Here are some ways you could live life with a clearer lens:

Confirmation Bias



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