JJlin and Marius Yo on taking the road less travelled

You do you, living a life with no regrets


Trying to make a name for yourself fresh out of school can be extremely stressful, especially if you’re taking an unfamiliar path.

Those who follow C-pop or J-pop might know these talented singers: JJ Lin and Marius Yo. They entered the entertainment industry at a young age, only to take a path different and unique to those around them.

Image taken from Instagram: @marius_seiryu
Image taken from Instagram: @jjlin

Marius was part of a Japanese boy group called Sexy Zone founded in 2011 when he was only 11 years old. At that age, he entered a field that gave him wild success for years to come. Over time, his feelings toward his path seemed to waver.

Image taken from Instagram: @sexyzone_j

Recently, the star announced that he was leaving the entertainment industry for good as he wishes to pursue further studies. His interests include politics, international law, and business.

Since his retirement, Marius has been actively achieving his new dream and doing the things he loves. He has been posting personal art projects on his Instagram page, showing that he still has an outlet for his creative side.

Image taken from Instagram: @marius_seiryu
Image taken from Instagram: @marius_seiryu

Just like Marius, JJ Lin entered the music industry after completing his national service despite his peers’ discouragement from joining the entertainment industry.

Since winning the Best New Artist in the Golden Melody Awards, Lin has written over a hundred songs for famous artist and performed alongside artist such as A-Mei, Corrine May and Ayumi Hamasaki.

JJ Lin shared during an interview with AugustMan that his setbacks propelled him to work even harder to achieve his goals.

“There’s just no need to regret any past decisions, even if it had taken me 16 years to get to where I am. From another perspective, you could say that I’m lucky to be doing this even after 16 years, which makes me really happy”.

Image taken from Instagram: @jjlin

JJ Lin and Marius remind us that it is okay if we do not know the exact outcome of our goals and dreams. As long as we believe in ourselves and keep at it, we will ultimately learn valuable lessons along the way.

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