Selena Gomez, on being single and happy

Is being single bad? Selena Gomez tells us how to lead a happy and fulfilling life being single

Gif: tumblr:/selenaigomez.tumblr.com/post/726664128148684801/selena-gomez-single-soon-2023. Photo: @selenagomez

Who says ‘happily ever after’ can only be used for those in relationships?

Selena Gomez’s latest song Single Soon reframes what society perceives as undesirable – singlehood.

The song is an anthem of freedom and choosing love that only you can bring to yourself.

Image taken from Instagram: @selenagomez

“I’m pickin’ out this dress / Tryin’ on these shoes / ‘Cause I’ll be single soon”

In her music video, Selena meets up with her friends and toasts to her freedom after she breaks up with her boyfriend.

The post break-up healing journey takes many forms. Generally, people learn more about themselves and grow into a new version of themselves after getting out of a relationship.

Image taken from Instagram: @selenagomez

“I know I’m a little high maintenance / But I’m worth a try”

But what about those of us who have never dated or have never gone through a break up? Does that mean we won’t ever grow into the version of ourselves we want to become?

No, not really.

Dating and breakups are experiences that shape us. We learn about our blindspots, strengths, and love in general. But this isn’t an experience that should be rushed into. And some of these lessons aren’t exclusive to the break-up process.

What we do with our time, single or not, can shape us into the self we want to become.

Taking on new experiences, like starting a small business, volunteering, or picking up a hobby is a good way to discover facets of ourselves!

Image taken from Instagram: @selenagomez

“I’ma date who I wanna / Stay out late if I wanna”

Single Soon acts as a reminder that becoming single can be something to look forward to. And being single has its perks.

“It’s a playful anthem about being comfortable in your own skin and loving your own company… and it’s also really fun to dance to”, Selena shared in a tweet.

It’s okay if you have not dated before or if you are going through a breakup right now.

You are a whole person on your own. You are able to stand proud and tall and gain meaningful experiences through your own decisions.

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Gif taken from tumblr: https://selenaigomez.tumblr.com/post/726664128148684801/selena-gomez-single-soon-2023

Image taken from Instagram: @selenagomez


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