BTS V on taking a pit-stop in the journey of success

How do we walk our own path instead of comparing our journey to others? V, from BTS, shares with us how he remains firm in his approach to success

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BTS V’s latest album Layover talks about how to focus on your own path instead of comparing your journey with others.

Life isn’t a race where the person who is the fastest is the only one who achieves success and happiness.

Moving at your own pace, taking a detour and taking a longer path is perfectly okay.

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Taking A Layover

In recent interviews, V shared that it wasn’t always easy to be comfortable with his own pace. He felt that he owed it to his fans to produce new work as fast as possible. He also felt the pressure to gain recognition and success amidst the growing competition.

Instead of taking a direct route, you could stop somewhere and stay for a while or take a transfer or do a layover”, V shared with Rolling Stone.

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V remains firm in keeping to his own pace and takea his time to improve on his weaknesses.

While I may not always operate at a rapid pace, there’s a steadfast and unyielding resilience within me“, V shared.

Focusing on your own pace is part of building resilience and a growth mindset.

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Addressing One’s Weaknesses

Personal resilience and growth are strengthened when we work on our blind spots and weaknesses.

Blind spots are unhealthy habits or behaviors we fail to see or choose to keep doing. This could be because we are unaware that these unknown issues are hindering our own growth.

While it’s easy to keep focusing on our strengths, changing our weaknesses into healthier habits is a sign of growth and strength.

This can be done by being more self-aware or even engaging a therapist to help you work through your blind spots!

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Amidst the challenges of being an idol, V’s personality remains unchanged at it’s core. The pursuit of joy is very important to him. Whether it involves small things like a nice meal or big things like spending time with the BTS members, he always seeks it out.

He shared with Suga that he learnt how to cope with extreme burnout by taking care of himself and taking one day at a time.

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While his efforts led him to be incredibly successful, working every day took a toll on V and the other members.

V felt extremely exhausted and learnt that no amount of success could outweigh the importance of mental and physical health.

During these difficult times, V recognised the importance of physical and mental health. He started to schedule in rest and eat healthily, which helped him to feel better and stronger physically and mentally.

He also reframed negative thoughts and worked on his self-doubt. This helped him remain firm in his approach to his music career.

So what if we find ourselves struggling to keep up with our peers who seem like they have achieved their goals and dreams?

Remind yourself that there’s no hard or fast way to achieve your goals. Taking a detour or a layover is perfectly okay. And remember that good physical and mental health are the epitome of happiness!

Here are some ways to benefit from your layover:

Managing peer pressure

Making wise decisions

Managing failure

Building confidence

Gif taken from Youtube: Bangtantv

Image taken from Instagram: @thv


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