DPR IAN on bipolar disorder and self perception

What happens when we develop our self-perception based off our disorder? DPR IAN shares how he manages his bipolar disorder and how that affects how he sees himself

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He goes by many names. You may know him as Rome, Ba-Rom, Christian Yu, or most famously as DPR IAN.

Korean-Australian singer, DPR IAN, recently released his new album Dear Insanity that explores his experience on getting diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and how it affected his self-perception and his music.

Image taken from Instagram: @dprian

Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder. Someone with bipolar can plunge into depression and then swing into manic highs.

In an interview with The Zach Sang Show, IAN shared his earlier experiences with bipolar disorder:

“As I was hitting puberty, I had mood swings. And I just thought it was this whole puberty thing for everyone. But mine was a little bit more, I guess, manic. That’s how I found out I had bipolar disorder.”

Image taken from Instagram: @dprian

IAN felt that he needed to “fix” his disorder.

But is there any way to “fix” this?

During his treatment, IAN found that music was a way he could express his feelings.

He shared that sometimes bouts of low moods contributes to some of his best works like Mito, where Ian used the character Mito to explore and better understand the symptoms that he was experiencing

He also realised that telling people around him that he is going through a manic episode helps with managing difficult periods. He found a community of loving people who helped him through his mood swings which made things a lot easier.

Over-relying on your disorder

However, IAN admitted that being reliant on his lows for creation is not a healthy coping mechanism.

“In the beginning, I only knew how to use this when I was high. When I got older, I started channelling that when I was in my lows and I think that’s when it got dangerous.”

If you are struggling with managing difficult emotions that never seem to go away, tell a responsible adult or seek professional help.

Image taken from Instagram: @dprian

If you are experiencing persistent moods and emotions that you cannot handle, please speak with someone who can help you. Seeking help early from a mental health professional could prevent a condition from worsening. Like any physical condition, a mental health condition when treated early will have better prognosis, the chance of recovery. Here’s what you can expect in a therapy session. Click on image to read.

What to expect in therapy

If you have thoughts of ending your life, this is a medical emergency. Please seek help immediately.  Please do not believe that you want your life to end, there is always a way out of your problems and there are people who can help you.

SOS helpline

While you are waiting for help, please read this article and put in place a Choose Life plan. Please click on image below.

Suicidal thoughts


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