Wheein, In The Mood for a new beginning

What does it take to defy Anxiety and face a new beginning?


Stepping out of your comfort zone and into a different world can exciting or straight out scary!

In 2021, Wheein of Mamamoo, announced she would be leaving MAMAMOO’s parent company RBW, while the other three members renewed their contracts.

For someone who struggles with Anxiety Disorder, striking out on your own is a very bold move!  In fact, in as recent as 2019, Wheein missed out in group activities as a result of her anxiety disorder.

So, what helped Wheein to take this big step?

Image taken from Instagram: @whee_inthemood

True friendships 


Image taken from Instagram: @mamamoo_official

The girls of MAMAMOO were sad when Wheein broke the news, but they continued to be encouraging towards Wheein’s choice and personal dreams. This is such a true test of friendship!

“It’s a bit bittersweet to see everyone concentrating on their own activities. Given the reality of the current situation, there’s nothing we can do, but I want to show our best selves in the given situation”, Solar shared with spotvnews.

As we outgrow situations and phrases in life, it doesn’t mean that we have to burn bridges! Engaging trusted people in conversations about our goals and aspiration would help to keep these relationships alive as we move on to a different station in life. As we make our choices in life, we can be sure that those who really love us will remain in our lives.

Image taken from Instagram: @whee_inthemood

Courage through self-awareness

As we step into our new journey, the sensing of incompetence may be stressful at first.

Wheein shared that she used to have certain expectations of herself, but since leaving the group, she was oftentimes disappointed with her achievements. Dealing with all the negative gossips certainly didn’t help her anxiety. Despite this, Wheein learnt not to let fear of failure, judgement, and gossip stop her from creating a new path for herself.

Instead, she now gets excited for new beginnings and remains true to her authentic self. Sharing with CNN Phillipines, she advices fellow MOOMOOs about believing in one self, and seeing the future with hope instead of fear:

“I am where I am now because I continue to grow, I do a lot of self-reflection, introspection and contemplation to be able to show my truest self in my music”

Image taken from Instagram: @whee_inthemood

Currently, under  THE L1VE label founded by VIXX’s Ravi, Wheein has returned with her latest solo album In the mood, after a 21 months hiatus since her second solo EP Whee.

If you ever feel not good enough, talk to family and friends who love you, lean on your strengths and choose a growth mindset, like Wheein!

Here’s some tips to help you in your mood for a new beginning


Creating destiny

Making wise decisions

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Image taken from Instagram: @whee_inthemood



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