The Inventor: About The Genius with ADHD

The new stop motion animation, The Inventor, hones in on the child-like imagination of Leonardo da Vinci. His genius may have been because of his ADHD symptoms.


Leonardo da Vinci was a world-renowned artist, architect, engineer, and much more. His creations from as far back as 1470 were revolutionary for his time and have impacted the world of today. 

It’s hard to believe this incredible mind was also influenced by ADHD symptoms.

Photo via The Inventor Film Official Website

ADHD in Great Minds

Some evidence has shown that big names like Leonardo da Vinci, Pablo Picasso and Albert Einstein all exhibited symptoms of ADHD in their lifetime. Einstein’s work table was always a mess of books and piles of paper. Picasso doodled in his notebook during class.

For da Vinci, research has shown that he had poor concentration and time management which resulted in procrastination.

Photo via Britannica

Divided Attention

Maybe that’s why he seems to have split his attention among all his scientific and artistic projects across many disciplines.

Being a polymath means being an expert in multiple fields. Da Vinci invented the flying machine, the parachute and the revolving bridge. He also painted the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper. He also discovered the frontal sinus and meningeal vessels in our brain.

Some believe that many of his masterpieces, like the Mona Lisa, are unfinished!

Photo via Britannica

Society’s Views

People in the Renaissance period looked down on the multitalented genius and his unconventional work. Much of his findings and research were unpublished, possibly as a result of this. When found, though, his work paved the way for air travel forever.

When we encounter bizarre or new ways of thinking, we may perceive it negatively. This is called a negative thought pattern. To shift into a more open-minded, positive thought pattern, we should be aware of our behaviour, emotions and thoughts surrounding new things.

Now direct that inwardly. Once we start to adjust our views on our own disorders and symptoms, we may reframe negative self thoughts into more neutral or even positive attitudes.

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