Eric Chou, Odyssey-Journey through loss and love

His songs are comforting words in times of heartbreak and loss. Let's look at what makes them so relatable?


I first heard about Eric Chou from his famous ballad Let’s not be friends anymore, and subsequently from his second album How have you been.

Since then, his songs about love, heartbreak, and hope have made Eric to be known as the new-generation prince of ballads.

Chou’s concert in Singapore is based on the Greek mythology where every hero has to go through thousands of trials to become a true hero. We look at his songs, and find that love, life and relationships go through that same tumultous journey of trials before we can find our true love, either for someone and especially for ourselves.

Image taken from Instagram: @ericchou0622

Let’s not be friends anymore

This song talks about the loss of a close connection. Whether that is losing a best friend, or a lover who was like a best friend, Let’s not be friends anymore talks about letting go and moving on from a connection.

We move on from relationships for multiple reasons. But during the early stages, it can be hard and painful.

“The urge to love you, but I had to laugh and let go”

This is because the process of dealing with a breakup, or a loss of a connection, is comparable to grief. It could be seen as the death of the relationship, and the hopes and memories of that special connection.

It is okay to seek comfort or a listening ear from people you trust, especially during this painful period. Taking your time to process your feelings is important too. There isn’t a time limit to heal and to feel like yourself again.

Image taken from Youtube: @Eric周興哲

How have you been?

After awhile, your friends or the people around you may ask if you are feeling better or “how have you been lately?”

Sometimes, we may not have the exact answer to describe our feelings and that’s okay.

Healing and recovery comes in waves. We feel like a 100 on some days, while some days we may feel like a 0, or even a 10.

“Can you still cry to me, smile with me, be nice to me? Still let me think of you, be crazy about you, grow old with you?”

There may be moments of anger, sadness, regret, or maybe even jealousy when we try to process our emotions.

Let the sadness and anger rise and find ways to let them out healthly. Engage with a therapist, or find activities to help regulate and understand what you are feeling.

Image taken from Youtube: @Eric周興哲

The chaos after you

After his first 2 albums, Eric released his third album, The chaos after you, where he described it as a fun and energetic twist from his previous albums.

Eric shared with asianpopweekly how much he has grown personally and professional, and what that meant for him and his music:

“I think the first 2 albums are more mature and I think for the third album I want people to know that I’m not all sadness and breakup songs. I’m also very fun and like being a normal 22 year-old, which (I hope to express) by bringing in fast songs, EDM songs”

The “chaos” that happens after the breakup will start to ease, and we’ll soon find ourselves in new beginnings and routines.

“Nobody was at fault, we both loved truthfully”

The chaos after you almost reminds me of a caterpillar coming out of its cocoon as a butterfly. It first has to experience “chaos” in the cocoon where it was dark and the future was uncertain. But soon after, the caterpillar emerges as a beautiful butterfly, letting its wings carry it far to see the happiness and possibilities the world has to offer.

Image taken from Youtube: @Eric周興哲

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