The Marvels: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

The Marvels shows that teamwork has its benefits and challenges but joining forces is better than bearing the weight of the world alone.


Have you ever been in a situation where everyone wants to be the leader, show off their briliance and talent, and nothing gets done at the end? Yup, as the saying goes, too many chefs can spoil the broth. But, just hold back before you cancel off the group.

The Marvels, sequal to the 2019 release of Captain Marvel, shows that many superheroes can do a better job if they learn to accomodate and lean on each other. 

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Carol Danver, aka Captain Marvel, has learnt from young that she needs to be tough and fight her battles alone.  In the previous movies, Danver is often seen running off after every round of fight with no real allegiance to any group.

While this movie starts with Danver losing her home world, she inadvertantly comes around and finds belonging with team, The Marvels.

So before you give up on your group, here’s some take-away from the The Marvels about working together

Try new ideas even if its out of this world

“Stop running and let the kittens eat you, you’ll be fine.”

Flerkens may look like cuddly and cute kittens, until they open their mouths and man eating tentacles emerge. Scary right? But Flerkens don’t really eat their prey, they merely store them in pocket dimensions. So when Nick Fury was trying to transport the scientist out, he thought of using the Flerkens to ‘eat’ them. Truly unorthodox but definitely more effective than going into battle.

In a team with brilliant individuals can sometimes be tricky to handle. On way is to allow everyone to share their ideas and weigh it against the given objectives. New approaches can be risky, so try it out in small ways and see if it works.

It’s ok to be vulnerable

When the colony was destroyed by Dar Benn, Valkyrie used the Bifrost to transport Emperor Dro’ge’s small group to safety. Just as she was about to leave, she gave this piece of advise to Danver.

” You can stand tall without standing alone.” 

Leaning on others in times of change can save you from struggling alone. As the saying goes, “no man is an island.” When you share your burdens and let people help you, they feel closer to you as well!

What to expect as your team progresses 

Having said that, working together as a team is a lot easier said than done. Conflicts are bound to arise when there is a diversity of opinions. In the movie, we see all 3 superheroes grappling to coordinate their powers and realizing that when they all use their powers at the same time, chaos can happen.

However, as Danver, Rambeau and Kamala spend time communicating, understanding each other and being open to alternative perspectives, they learn how best to compliment each other in their fight against the Krees.

We see the trio going through the 4 stages to become a formidable force against Dar Benn.

    1. Forming:

The initial stage, when the group first learn to work together.  At this point, they were uncertain about their roles and responsibilities as group norms and expectations were not discovered yet.


2. Storming:

Each member began testing out their powers and abilities as a team. As they explored their boundaries, opposing viewpoints and disagreements arose.


3. Norming:

As they grew to understand each other, the members started to build a sense of trust and loyalty towards each other and their leader. They learnt to cover each others back and coordinate the fight.


4. Performing:

Finally, they learnt to work seamlessly and efficiently together to achieve their common objectives. Each superhero remained secure and confident in their roles, with the end-game clearly outlined.


Photo via AnimationXpress 

Working in a team definitely poses its own challenges. However, once we are able to overcome the initial hurdle of differing opinions, the benefits of working in a team outweighs working individually. Try leaning on your buddies – it might make a world of a difference!

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