Castlevania Nocturne: Pushing Past Childhood Fears



Richter Belmont witnessed the murder of his mother at the hands of a powerful vampire Olrox; a scene he has never forgotten even as a full fledged vampire hunter. His confidence wanes at the sight of Olrox, even when it is in his mind. He is reminded of the time when he was powerless to stand up to this foe. The memory overwhelms him and becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. He is once again helpless facing Olrox because he felt helpless in this situation before.



There are times where the unpleasant experiences we have faced in our childhood rear their ugly heads. Like Richter when he sees Olrox later in his adulthood, our memories make it difficult for us to overcome future encounters with similar situations.  We freeze during exams when remembering past failures or hide away when remembering a time we were not loved and wanted. The emotions we experienced previously rise up again like a tide and overwhelm us once more.

: https://www.sidequesting.com/2023/07/netflixs-castlevania-nocturne-debuts-in-september/


The interesting thing about Richter’s career as a vampire hunter is that he is usually fearless when it comes to them; Olrox is the only exception. Unresolved trauma is both insidious and subtle. It can lodge itself in our subconcious mind and rear it’s ugly head when triggered by any association to similar feared situations.

When we look at the bigger picture, it may tell us a different story of our true abilities and perhaps give us the encouragement we need to overcome. Just as Richter is not an incapable vampire hunter because he has failed to stand up to Olrox before, we are not failures because of a setback.



Olrox presents a more complex challenge to Richter as he is a more powerful vampire than most. However, with a little determination, trust in his comrades and some research, Richter can find ways to defeat this adversary. We can take heart that the struggles that have haunted us can be overcome.

Perhaps you need to find a way to navigate the situation that works for you personally. Here are some ways you can do this:


  1. Practice grounding in the moment

When the fear threatens to overwhelm you, ground yourself with the 54321 technique. Take your time through these steps and don’t rush through them. This can help you approach the problem with a calmer state of mind.


  • Name FIVE things you can see
  • Name FOUR things you can touch
  • Name THREE things you can hear
  • Name TWO things you can smell
  • Name ONE thing that would make the day less awful


  1. Look to your peers and mentors

Two brains are better than one, perhaps someone else has a different perspective to solving the difficulty that would help. Look to people you trust, who care for you for the truth. Pushing forward may be difficult but know that there are people who have your back and are cheering for you.


  1. Remember that you are capable and worthy

Keep the big picture in mind. Take stock of your strengths and know that they count even in the face of difficulty.


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