Taeyeon: love letters to my ex


Ever had connection that was good and bad and everything in-between?  Well, leader of K-pop group Girls’ Generation, Taeyeon’s new single To. X describes exactly that, a relationship one might need to move on from.

In the music video, Taeyeon starts to see the truth of the relationship  and realises that the other party may not be necessarily good for her in the long-run. She lost but found herself eventually, as she walked away from the world that they had built together.

Image taken from Instagram: @taeyeon_ss

“As much as I liked you, I tried to compromise for you. Now I’m saying goodbye. I’m gonna block you”

Finding the courage to recognise a toxic relationship and having the strength  to walk away from it, is admirable. It shows  maturity,  wisdom, and self-assurance that you are complete in yourself.

Some of us may feel scared to walk away from  something, or someone, who feels so familiar. But all friendships and relationships need some form of self reflection and  understanding to determine if the relationship still works for us or is harming us.

Image taken from Instagram: @taeyeon_ss

“Your new t-shirt’s all we talk about / I think I get it now/ Gonna block you, lights out, to X”

I understand how tiring it can feel when we try  to balance school, friends, extra-curricular activities, and love. But what about taking time for ourselves, the me-time for some self-care? Relationships are a two-way street.

But  what Taeyeon sings is that no relationship should feel draining or that one party is always giving more (or less) than the other.

On some days, we may not be able to give our best to our partner due to other  commitments, let alone  get enough rest. During these periods,  communication with the other party is extremely important. Letting them  know what you are going through could help them understand how they can  be there for you. Similarly, if you feel like you are always giving your time and energy but not being reciprocated, expressing how you feel to  the other party could also remind them that you, too, need their support and love.

Every relationship teaches us something. Something about ourselves, how we relate to others and how we can improve our social life and relationships as move on in life.

Image taken from Instagram: @taeyeon_ss


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