Aespa’s Drama, handles name-calling and labelling.

Songwriters of Drama, has a clever way of pushing back on limiting practices and negative labels.


Do people call you by your nickname? How do you respond to it if it’s not something you like?

K-pop Queens, Aespa, recently released their fourth album titled Drama. The repetition of the words “Drama-ma-ma” and “Trauma-ma-ma” is more than just a catchy rhyme. If it’s anything, Aespa doesn’t mind being labelled a Drama mama, cos they know how to deal with it!

Songwriters of Drama, Charlotte and EJAE, spilled the tea of the making of Drama. EJAE shared with Genius Korea that Drama was inspired by a TikTok video:

“It was a clip from RuPaul’s Drag Race and it was an interview with the fabulous Scarlet Envy, and she said: “Am I the drama? I’m not the drama, or am I?” I thought it was a fun concept to say “I bring all the drama, I break trauma”

Image taken from Instagram: @aespa_official

While the label ‘drama mama’  can be viewed negatively in certain context, Aespa shows a light hearted way to reframe name calling. Rather than reacting badly by it, we could turn the tables around, embrace it and have a good laugh.

So while we don’t have to clap back over every little thing said about us, sometimes it’s good to be mindful about embracing negative labels too.

Here’s why:

  1. We could permit nasty people to push boundaries with us
  2. Negative labels could overtime become self-fulfilling prophecies if we end up believing it and it starts to erode our self-esteem and confidence.

But if you are really ok with it, then it’s cool to laugh along like Aespa. Whether it’s a nickname or username, just remain self-aware about your own strengths and be true to who you really are.

Image taken from Instagram: @aespa_official

EJAE also shared that the vibe of Drama was to challenge societal expectations of a female Kpop idol.

EJAE: Honestly, I wanted a different attitude for the Aespa girls. I feel like K-pop idols are oftentimes not “allowed” to behave a certain way and have to always act “right” or “polite”. But K-pop idols and celebrities deal with haters, judgment, and scrutiny every day. So, I wanted this song to be kind of like a weapon or armour in song form for the girls.

Aespa is really pushing back on their societial norms!

Every society has it’s cultural norms and expectations which is not a bad thing, as it give us certain guidelines on how to behave for social harmony. It can however become harmful if a group or a person is stereotyped  negatively leading to discrimination and bullying.

Image taken from Instagram: @aespa_official

While drama may find us whether we like it or not, Aespa reminds us that a positive self-concept provides us with the confidence to trump those negative labels and even have some fun while we’re at it.

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