Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé, how it inspires mindcare and motivation

Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour is now showing in cinemas. What can we learn about mindcare from this documentary film about a musical superstar’s world tour?


From Destiny’s Child to present, for the past 27 years, Beyonce Knowles has been a power-house. Artist, entrepreneur, philanthropist and mum, Queen Bee seem to have got it all together.

Always a advocate of good mental health, Beyonce has in recent years shared about her problem with sleep.

In Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé, we see raw and real messages from the otherwise always-polished icon in this new documentary film.

Here’s our takeaway on how the film inspires a mindset for a better mind and motivation:


1. Find a Safe Space

“The goal for this tour was to create a place where everyone is free and no one is judged.”
Photo via Beyoncé Official YouTube channel

A safe space does not have to be a physical space, it is often a psychological space where you can be totally free to be you.  In this film and the Renaissance album, Beyonce’s goal was to create that space where nobody is judged.

Carving out boundaries for the different people in your life and creating me-time is important for mind care. It could be just hanging out with a supportive friend group or getting bubble tea with bestie and sharing about a tough day. Little pockets of time in these safe space where you can be totally you could recharge your mind and emotions.


2. Find balance and perspective

“Time is my biggest obstacle”

After becoming a mother, Beyoncé felt the weight of societal expectations to lessen her workload. Still, she is very focused on her family, as strenuous as the touring and songwriting process may be. You see her kids with her in film and at her performances.

“I have had to be really tough to balance motherhood and being on the stage. It just reminds me of who I really am.”
Photo via Beyoncé Offical YouTube channel

Time is everyone’s obstacle. So knowing what is truly important will help us to prioritize.

But sometimes, we may be caught in circumstances when we have no choice but to do it all like Queen Bee. In such a situation what’s important is our perspective about it. If it’s something that is seen as a chore or seen as some thing that we are forced into, even the things that we used to enjoy doing can become distasteful.  If we absolutely have to do things that we dislike, reappraising the situation to find some benefits in it can be helpful. We can reappraise by reframing a situation to find some positives in it.


3. Embrace your true self

“I have nothing to prove to anyone, we are creating our own world.”

Beyonce has always taken chances in her career, taken the road less travelled, spoken up for the marginalized and stood by what she believed in.

It takes a lot of self-awareness to reach that level of confidence. Mindcare is about taking that step to understand who we are and what we stand for.

Photo via Beyoncé Official YouTube channel

4. Find meaning in what you do

“When I think of all of my heroes and what they have endured, I know that all my stuggle and sacrifice is opening the door for the next.”

Photo via Beyoncé Official Instagram page

Sometimes, the mundane things that we do often seem insignificant. But if we try to see how it contributes, even in a very small way to the larger process and long-term goals, it can help to motivate us and keep us going.

Beyonce has gone beyond just building her brand name and popularity. Her work is clearly about the people around her and about paving the way for others. As such, this album is a tribute to Beyoncé’s late Uncle Johnny. We can believe that Beyonce’s work has a larger purpose than herself through her involvement in various social causes. Perhaps, that’s why she has kept her reign all these years.

Here are more links to guide your personal reflection:



How many Beyoncé song lyrics did you spot in the story?? 🤫


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