Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom: Setting Aside Sibling Rivalry

While your sibling rivalry may not be as dramatic as the one Aquaman shares with his half-brother, Ocean Master, it may share some traits.


In the new DC Aquaman movie, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Aquaman forms an unlikely alliance with his half-brother to take down a mortal enemy, Black Manta. 

Black Manta
Photo via IMDb

The New Movie

At the start of the movie, we see that Aquaman has settled down and started a family with his baby boy. But then finds out that his long-time foe, Black Manta, has teamed up with the devil himself to put an end to the royalty bloodline.

Soooo this power-hungry vengeful villain has access to beyond-comprehension power and is trying to annihilate everything Aquaman cares about? Time to find backup!

This is when Aquaman looks for his half-brother and fellow sea and land dweller, Ocean Master. Take that as a sign of desperation since the two had not been on speaking terms until this point, to say the least.

Ocean Master and Aquaman
Photo via IMDb

Seeing Siblings as the Enemy

At their core, the brothers are extremely different. Ocean Master is a rule-follower while Aquaman is a disruptor of the norm. This could be seen as Ocean Master being the wiser one, but some may see Aquaman to be the braver one.

Unfortunately, Ocean Master got super jealous and obsessed with power. He also believed that he was the rightful ruler of Atlantis, not Aquaman.

The two family-feuded it out and Aquaman saw his own brother as an enemy at one point.

Aquaman and Ocean Master
Photo via IMDb

Resolving Sibling Feuds

Feuds with siblings usually look less like big-scale wars with high-tech weapons and more like throwing words we don’t mean back and forth, or week-long cold wars.

Some feuds can seep into our subconscious and permanently change the way we view our siblings. If we don’t resolve problems, we may risk hurting each other more than we think imaginable.

Like when you fight with your sibling over them ‘stealing’ your clothes. And one day, you snap. You hide all your clothes away or maybe you start wearing their clothes. Or maybe you get so mad that you ruin one of their favorite shirts.

‘Sibling Problems’
Meme contributed by Jaime on Shadee.care

The problem with holding frustration in is that it’s a temporary solution. Ultimately, finding some sort of peaceful compromise or calm yet clear communication can help you live happily with your siblings. 

Making Amends

Easy as it may seem in the real world, Aquaman had to do a lot more than sit down and have a difficult conversation with his half-brother to make amends.

Instead of a ruined outfit, Ocean Master got sent to prison at the Belle Reve prison facility after losing immunity to the political system. He also had to say goodbye to the possibility of ever being crowned King of Atlantis.

Ocean Master rejecting a hi-five from Aquaman
Photo via DC

Oof. How do you come back from that?

“Sorry bro” just doesn’t cut it.

This sort of big-scale rivalry can only be repaired with equally big-scale effort on both parts. That means both half-brothers have to want to make amends and, sometimes, one takes more convincing than the other.

Why should Ocean Master help Aquaman after all that he had done? Conversely, why should Aquaman trust Ocean Master’s intentions? Is he still an enemy?

Aquaman and Ocean Master in a battle
Photo via IMDb

Family Means…

Anyway, despite this feud, the two banded together to try to save the throne, Atlantis, and Aquaman’s family from peril. The ‘bigger evil’ was after everything.

And when it comes down to it, you should be able to lean on your family. When you face as real a threat as Black Manta, all these petty disagreements and old fights should be pushed aside to protect one another.

‘Family’ means togetherness – it’s a feeling. And while this may not be the most natural thing to do, trying your best to form a healthy relationship is the first step towards turning sibling rivalry into a siblingship.

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