Take a chill pill with Red Velvet’s Chill Kill

What are the secret ingredients Red Velvet uses to get them where they are today? Let's find out

Video: Red Velvet 레드벨벳 'Chill Kill' MV

Peek-a-Boo! That was Red Velvet’s last full-length album in 2017!  That’s a very long time ago.

Red Velvet shared with NME that their latest album Chill Kill highlights their growth throughout the 9 years since they have debuted.

Image taken from SM Entertainment

Growing pains

When we discover new things about ourselves – either positive or negative – it can often feel a little bit uncomfortable. The person we knew ourselves to be is now different, and we have to make some mental adjustments to accommodate this new expanded version of ourselves. This is what we mean by psychological growing pains.


So how do we cope with these “growing pains”?


For starters, using humour is one way we could diffuse negative tension that we face in our growth process. Don’t get us wrong, there is nothing funny when bad stuff happens to us. What we mean by using humour is to look at the situation we are facing with a bigger and more open perspective. We don’t have to kick ourselves everytime we make an unintentional blunder.



Learning to be kind to ourselves and practicing self compassion will lead us to love and accept ourselves including our strengths and limitations.

To do so, we need to pause and relook at the situation. Then challenge our preconceived biases or notions about the situation, and reframe our negative automatic thought processes that we have about ourselves.

“The advice not to rush and to keep my own pace, along with the encouragement that it’s okay to take a break when things get tough, have helped me during hard times,” Wendy shared.



Humility isn’t denying the truth about your strengths and talents but having a measured perspective of where you are in the bigger scheme of things. If we have outstanding talents, identifying any blindspots  could help us to improve even more.

Thinking back on their journey, Red Velvet kept it humble. “I’m not sure if we can say that we’ve helped define K-pop, but if others think so, this would be an honour,” Wendy shared.

The girls remind us that while opportunities are presented to us, we should also remember the other good things that have got us this far!

Image taken from SM Entertainment

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Having a growth mindset

When the pain is too much 

For some of us the psychological pain may be overwhelming and suggestions like the above may not help very much. If you are harming yourself to cope with the pain, please know that there are better ways of managing the emotional turmoil.  Some may turn to physical pain to feel alive, to have a sense of control or to communicate their situation. However, such coping mechanism presents very high risk.

Here are some alternative ways to cope better. However, please get a mental health professional to help you find better coping mechanisms.

If you have thoughts of ending your life please get help immediately. Nobody really want to die, we just want a way out of our problems and there are people who can help us. Please put aside your thoughts and get help.


SOS helpline




GIF taken from: https://mostlyfate.tumblr.com/post/733865782283567104/red-velvet-chill-kill-2023
Image taken from Instagram: @redvelvet.smtown


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