Jennie, from most hated of Blackpink to the top of Billboard Hot 100

Happy Birthday Jennie! Here is how Blackpink and fashion icon, Jennie, defeats criticism.


Jennie of Black Pink, or Jennie Kim, is the highest-charting female K-pop soloist in the history of the Billboard Hot 100. 

Known for her unique singing style and fashion sense, the road to where she is was a rocky one. Of all the four in Blackpink, Jennie often recieved the most hate, often for very flimsy reasons.

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Dealing with Criticism 

Critical netizens have shamed Jennie for her professional as well as personal life.  Even before her debut, Jennie was accused of bullying in school.  Some even label her as the ‘extra member’ in Blackpink. However, she always responds to hurtful remarks with grace. Even when it hurts.

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Dealing with criticism can be tough, but it’s a chance to learn and grow. This is definitely something all of us can relate to and, of course, it stings more when it comes from people we hold close to our hearts.

Here are some ways we can learn to deal with criticism…

Be objective about the comments.

Jennie’s dancing has been criticised for being sexualised, rough and lazy.

She acknowledged that she had dissappointed fans at some point in her life when it seemed like she was not giving her best. She explained her physical limitation in not dancing well on heels and recognised that she had to learn how to better control her body.

Jenny shared with fans that, “I’m still at a point where I’m learning about myself if anything so, let me be the person to share me from now on.”

When we face criticism evaluate if there’s truth in it and if you can learn from it. Stay open-minded and focus on constructive feedback.

It’s also important to remember your worth and not let criticism define you. Surround yourself with uplifting and supportive friends and remember to shrug off hurtful remarks from people who are not close friends or acquaintances.

Focus on what really matters .

When asked what was at the top of her mind, Jenny shared that it is her physical and mental wellbeing.

Jennie shared that after the 2020 world tour, she became physically and mentally ill.

“… for three years after debuting, we worked nonstop without resting. You know, we were young, in our early twenties. Our sleep systems were breaking down; we weren’t eating properly; I wasn’t hydrating myself — we did that for three to four years, and then started our tour,” Her immunity was so low, she would develop an allergic reaction to every thing she touched.

Presently, Jennie emphasizes on the importance of taking time for oneself, whether it’s through skincare, exercise, meditation, or simply doing things that bring joy and relaxation. When we focus on what really matters the most, it’s easier to let negative comments slide.

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Develop your unique self identity.

While being a member of Blackpink has contributed to who she is, Jenny is also one of the most individualistic Kpop idols and not ashamed about it.

With the myriad of love and hate over the years, Jennie has learnt to embrace the fact that she is an outlier and to use that to her advantage. Her recent lable OA or Odd Ateliar aims to “create new things that attract attention in a different way from what is usual or expected”.

Developing your personal identity takes time and evolves from personal experiences and situations in life. Taking time to introspect and reflect would help us with self-awareness. A strong self concept will help you to develop a healthy self-esteem to deflect destructive and baseless criticism.

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