What is Enhypen’s Fate going to be this year?

Will fate determine your destiny for this year? Enhypen has something to say about that.


Engene’s rejoice! Enhypen’s is bringing Fate to us, with their world tour concert!

In light of the new year, Enhypen spoke to Teen Vogue about their goals for 2024,  sharing the importance of setting realistic expectations and being okay with tweaking our goals as the year goes on.

Image taken from Instagram: @enhypen

Keeping it simple

Sometimes we may get too carried away with making too many goals, especially with the hype of being in our new-year-new-me era. But, Jay shared that he streamlined his priorities for the new year to make his goals more realistic and achievable.

Jay: I just focused on my personal goals for next year. I’m a person who has too many goals and I can’t handle it, I get overwhelmed. So I just made three goals.

Jay shared that to maintain our pursuit of our goals, we have to have a positive mindset.

“I’ve found that I can conquer obstacles more effectively when I adopt a positive rather than a negative perspective. The outcome might not always be fully dependent on the mindset, but I just think that maintaining a positive mindset is what enables me to stay healthy, in terms of both inner and physical strength.”

And Jay is right! Having a growth mindset provides us the confidence to tackle challenges that come our way, and even have some fun while we’re at it.

Image taken from Instagram: @enhypen


Enhypen also reminds us to not get too caught up in chasing our goals that we forget to count the lucky stars in front of us.

Jungwon’s advice on how to remain grounded and steadfast in the pursuit of our dreams starts with listening to yourself more. He shared: “I just want to be less conscious of what other people think of me. It’s not about how I look on stage but more in daily life. I just want to be in that moment and really enjoy it.”

Enjoying the journey is as important as the goal itself. Focusing on creating our own path instead of worrying about what others think allows us to be our own creator of our own fate!

Image taken from Instagram: @enhypen

Having a mindset like Enhyphen helps us to become the master of our own fate. 

Here’s how you can start becoming your own Master.

Click here to build a positive mindset

Managing peer pressure

Creating your own destiny


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