ATEEZ, how they power-up and move towards the light

How does ATEEZ achieve healthy habits and success? Let's find out


With a successful Asian tour in 2023, Ateez has recently announced their world tour in 2024 ‘Towards the Light: Will to Power’.

Image taken from Instagram: @ateez_offical

ATEEZ shared that it was physically strenuous, and at times, mentally stressful as well as they faced unexpected incidents on stage.

How do the idols recharge and power themselves up?

Magic in rest

“Take your time and things will come to you when you least expect it to! Don’t force it, it won’t do you any good! Take your time, it will flow naturally!”

Previously, Mingi took a temporary break from performing to focus on his health after experiencing symptoms of psychological anxiety.

It is important to take a step back when our bodies give us a signal to slow down, as it could be a sign of burnout. Remember, we arent made to be productive or working 24/7.


Think of past achievements and enjoy hobbies

San: “Think about your achievements. Think about the many good things you have already reached. When i am down i always think about my achievements. Everyday think about this, okay?”

Everybody would have achieved something, no matter how small. Count the small wins and not just the big recognitions.
ATEEZ also shared with Forbes that everyone should work on  their passion, hobbies, and interests.

If doing what you love is safe, and brings joy to your life, ATEEZ encourages you to continue finding ways to incorporate it into your timetable.


Changing your bad habits
During the pandemic, ATEEZ shared that they focused on cultivating better and healthier habits.

“Rather than being the best, be someone who gives their best! by doing that you will become the best”

Consistency is important when establishing new habits. The first step is to be conscious as to WHEN and WHY you do certain bad habits. It is okay to start small. Instead of trying to simply eliminate a bad habit, try replacing one behavior with another. This could be more achievable at the start. For example, if you have a habit of biting your nails when you get anxious, find other things to do when you notice yourself getting nervous.


Image taken from Instagram @ateez_official

Let’s make a commitment to ourselves to be extra kinder to ourselves when we are having a bad day, or when our bodies are asking us to rest.

Create your own self care plan

How to be adaptable

Reach out for help with caring conversations


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