Solo Leveling: The 5 Aspects Of Grit



Sung Jinwoo was famously known as the weakest Hunter who could barely handle the lowest-level dungeons with its easily defeated foes. Due to unfortunate circumstances, Jinwoo had to continue this line of work to support his family. Yet, he showed great grit and went from zero to hero.


According to Angela Lee Duckworth, psychologist and leading grit researcher, grit is “applying focused attention, resilience, perseverance, and dedication to achieving specific long-term goals”. She argues that grit is a more important factor than natural talent, ability, and intelligence in determining success.


Grit is so important because it gives people crucial mental toughness that enables them to persist and overcome. There are 5 key aspects of grit. Without any one of these, the success may not be attained or would come at a great cost like burnout.

1. Perseverance


Perseverance is the ability to keep going even when things get tough. Without perseverance, we are more likely to give up prematurely and fall short of our goals. There were countless times when Jinwoo could have quit. But his duty to his family and sense of responsibility motivated him to endure.

2. Resilience

Resilience helps us bounce back when we fail or face challenges that seem too tough to overcome. An effective self-care practice can strengthen your resilience and help you recover more quickly from setbacks.



3. Courage


Fear of failure can hinder our progress and keep us from reaching greater heights. It can even stop us in our tracks before we begin. It takes a strong dose of courage to face these fears. Jinwoo showed great courage in forging ahead and confronting dungeon after dungeon. He was undaunted by the prospect of entering a higher level area even though he knew it was out of his league. His efforts were rewarded and he became a stronger Hunter.

4. Passion

Without passion, staying motivated can be difficult. Hence, knowing what is important to you and why you are on this path is important. Jinwoo’s motivation was providing for his family. He kept this in mind as he took on each dungeon.


5. Conscientiousness


In this context, conscientiousness refers to planning and following through on commitments. Despite being the weakest member of the party, Jinwoo did not back out when they decided to go into the higher level area. He kept an ear out for danger and supported his teammates, at the same time gaining the much needed experience for himself.


Grit helps us overcome challenges and it’s something you can develop. Here are some Shadee Care articles that you can check out on similar topics:


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