Fat Hope: Body Positivity and Perspective Taking

In Fat Hope, supermodel Alisa is hit with a curse that sends her on the journey toward body positivity.


It’s hard to feel completely secure in our bodies with a relentless societal pressure to look a certain way. Too fat, too short, too bulky… Feels impossible to fit in!

For Alisa, a fatphobic supermodel and perfectionist through and through, these high expectations were what fuelled her. Here’s her story:

Photo via @GVMovieClub on Instagram

The Key to Happiness

Alisa worked hard to be the human incarnate of ‘model material’, bringing her success in the fashion industry. Though she felt accomplished, she has a strong sense of loneliness too.

Even after getting something you desperately wanted, or after working hard to achieve something, it’s okay to not feel completely satisfied. All these temporary highs and cheap thrills usually don’t last too long. And sometimes you’re unconsciously trying to replace one desire for another.

Alisa was successful but unhappy. One day, her worst fears are realised after having a curse put on her by her mysterious email. She has become overweight overnight!

Photo via Official Trailer

A New Perspective

As she struggles through life in a body she is completely uncomfortable in, soon enough, she notices a change brewing inside of her too. She starts to believe that moments of happiness come in all shapes and sizes.Photo via Encore Films

Negative Self-talk

When you look in the mirror, do you look for flaws? Or do you remember to practice positive self-talk?

Whether we actively do it or not, all of us are guilty for actively seeking out self-criticism. We can list our ‘least favourite’ body parts or features all too quickly. Maybe our self-esteem deserves a break from the endless beating down.

Photo via Golden Village

What Really Matters

In Fat Hope, Alisa, shows us that lessening the pressure on the aesthetic appearance of our bodies can reveal other things in our lives that are important and give us the warm fuzzy feelings. When she discovered that finding love had nothing to do with her overt perfectionism, it upturned her belief that her body weight directly correlated with her happiness.

You are perfectly imperfect. You are loved no matter what you may say to yourself when you look in the mirror!

If you are struggling with self-image, eating, body image and other themes in this story, talk to a responsible adult. You are not alone.

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Feature Photo: https://youtu.be/ixso9o_McmM?si=KkWE8oeRNLJpRJ1-


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