Mean Girls: 3 Ways to Beat Peer Pressure

While some high school happenings may feel like a rite of passage, Cady Heron has to learn a hard lesson about peer pressure.


Right now, you might be entering a new term or school, or maybe a new friend group or company. It might be a good time to consider this: How do we catch ourselves before falling trap to peer pressure?

The iconic Mean Girls movie has a musical remake in cinemas now. Watching this made me cringe at the super strong effect that The Plastics have on Cady, the protagonist, especially by the ‘meanest girl’ Regina George. As the story unfolds, we watch a genuinely nice new kid turn into her own bully!

The Plastics
Photo via IMDb

Here are 3 things to remember to avoid turning into one of the Plastics:

  1. Be Unapologetically You!

We feel pressure when we aren’t secure in ourselves. If you are picked on for your out-of-the-norm fashion sense and start copying others, you lose your sense of creativity and uniqueness. Why dilute something awesome?

When we succumb to the pressures of our peers, or classmates or colleagues, we lose a part of ourselves in the process. So, try showing some love to things that make you unique!

Befriending like-minded people is so much more wholesome than pretending to be someone you’re not, in order to fit in.

Cady with Janis and Damien
Photo via movie trailer

Cady with the Plastics
Photo via IMDb

  1. Learn and Grow

Everyone wants to feel like they belong – it’s only human! When Cady moves from South Africa and has to adapt to a new environment and completely new peers, she is overwhelmed with a need to fit in quickly.

Janis and Damian meet Cady and share their high school survival tips including a rundown on their schoolmates. What luck! Cady learned a lot at the start in this friendly and helpful group.

 Cady and Aaron
GIF by Giphy

  1. Beat FOMO

But after Cady is exposed to negative influences – the Plastics – she starts to feel FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) over things that did not previously interest her. Makeup, popularity, unsupervised parties, her friends’ boyfriends… That’s when the trouble starts.

While wanting to be invited to parties and being complimented for your sense of style can be totally harmless, being wary about taking things too far can be helpful. That means being able to say “no thanks” to FOMO to protect yourself completely.

Janis and Cady
Photo via movie trailer

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