Welcome to Samdal-Ri, valuable life lessons in being vulnerable.

From friendships, to family, to a significant other - Welcome to Samdal-ri, Kdrama, shows us that love comes in all forms if we would only open ourselves to them.


Have you ever gone through a moment where upon reflection, you realise that you could have acted better or done things differently?

The vulnerability of confronting mistakes and past misdeeds is something most of us don’t want to experience. Yet, Welcome to Samdal-Ri was a comforting watch as it took us on a poignant journey rekindling friendship, dreams, love, and facing grief.

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“Does it hurt your pride to see your friends again? It doesn’t matter why you came back. We’re just happy to see our friend again.”

After experiencing a major setback in Seoul, Samdal (played by Shin Hae-sun) decided to go back to her hometown, Jeju. This was a difficult decision for Samdal as she was nervous and ashamed of being seen as a “failure”, especially among her family and childhood friends that she decided to cut contact with.

Samdal eventually took the first step of courage to open up to her friends despite her embarrassment and insecurities. Opening up to people isn’t always easy. The process makes you vulnerable to judgment and may make you feel weak. However, in the moment of opening up to her friends, Samdal managed to repair her friendships, navigate the tough situations she was facing, and form deeper connections with those around her.

Opening up doesn’t really mean answers to your problems. But it’s about cultivating trust, closeness, and support within your circle. Read more about how to have caring conversation here.

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Misinformation was one of the moving factors in the drama. It first started when Samdal had to stop her career as she was wrongly accused by her mentee, and it followed through when the Ah-Jumas of Samdal-Ri gossiped about the relationship development, or lack thereof, between Samdal and Yong-Pil.

When we choose to believe in what we have always wanted to believe in, we are giving in to our biases or our blind spots, and could be believing or spreading misinformation. In this case, Samdal was wrongly accused and was portrayed as someone heartless, cruel, and mean due to gossip and fake news.

Before we jump to conclusions and react to the tea spilling all around us, we should be more aware of how our actions impact others too. Read more about how to be self aware here.

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“Forgiving her doesn’t mean you’ll forget your wife.”

Welcome to Samdal-ri also showcases the pain of losing a loved one. Yong-Pil’s father was unable to move on from the passing of his wife. He harboured hatred towards other peope, over 30 years as he felt that he was the only one who honored and still taught about his late wife. Though that wasn’t the case at all.

When he found out that others still missed and loved his wife, he opened himself up to those around him, just like how Samdal was vulnerable with her friends.

While grief is a personal journey, sharing our pain with others and knowing that others may also be feeling the same as you, may just alleviate the pain.

It is never easy navigating a loss, especially for someone very close to you. It’s important to be patient with yourself and remind yourself that moving on doesn’t mean forgetting your loved one. It’s about finding a way to continue forward with your life with the pain being gradually easier to bear. Your memories and love for them will always remain. Read more on how to cope with grief and loss here.

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“The place where I can truly be myself. My hometown. My people.” 

Samdal found camaraderie, love, and friendship in the final episodes of the drama, where she realised that nothing beats having a solid group of besties who have her back no matter what.

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