IU, breaking stereotypes of yourself and others.

What happens when people know or remember you as a certain type of person? IU shares how to break out of stereotypes and labels


“Love wins all”, is Kpop icon, IU’s latest single.

 This multiple award-winning singer, actress and producer, didn’t feel Gucci all the time (slang term used to represent someone feeling good). Known as the ‘nation’s little sister, IU has often been boxed into a certain image. She shared in an interview with ELLE how she overcame the  stereotypes of being a celebrity defined only by her ability to reach a 3-level high note.

IU: “As I was preparing for my 5th album ‘LILAC’, I put in the effort to not neglect that aspect of myself. At some point, I began to put more focus on conveying a certain message than on the vocals. I tried singing every track many times and thought hard about them. Without losing my identity, I plan to keep experimenting with new genres.”


Don’t react, think it through

“I’m sure there are people who do have wrong ideas about me. People are not that simple (they’re not naive/ one-dimensional creations). For instance, for the reasons that people like someone, they don’t just like that person for their kindness or their wits or smartness (just one aspect of that person). Everyone is complex (three-dimensional).”

Stereotyping  a person can limit a real understanding of what the person is really like.  While it makes the stereoptyped person feel isolated and misunderstood, it also reflects the limited world view that we have on any particular topic.

If you ever face a situation where you being stereotyped and discrminated, here’s what you could do.

  • Think about why that person is judging you in such a way. What drives this person to think this way, is it fear, insecurities, a negative past experience?
  • What are some of the assumptions that this person has about you.
  • Find an appropriate time to have a chat with this person to clarify the misconception.
  • If it’s because of your shortcomings, then let them know that you are still in the process of finding yourself, just like everyone else.

There will be times when we cannot change people’s mindsets and opinions about us. And perhaps this is where the strength and maturity to accept that we can’t be bffs with everyone comes into play.



No one is perfect

“Because I myself am someone who is three-dimensional and complicated (already). The majority of the people who understand me well also acknowledge that.”

While other people may have labelled us in a certain way, it would be good to check our own blind spots to see if we too have prejudices. Allow those friends who know us and love us to shine some light into our lives.

Image taken from ELLE

People are worth loving

“From the flawless type of love that I have received in my life and the love I have given someone else before, I think I became convinced that people are worth loving.“

While it’s important to recognise that other people’s biases are not a reflection of us, our choices and decisions to become the person we want to be are far more important! We are all on a journey to become a better version of ourselves. So, I guess if we want to be loved and accepted for all our quirks, we’ll need to accept people as they are as well.

Maybe, that’s what ‘Love wins all’ really means.


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Feature image gif taken from Tenor: https://tenor.com/bpPh3.gif


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