Eric Nam, sharing his mindset mindfully

How do we hold emotional space for others while honouring our own struggles and experiences? Eric Nam has some tips on that.


Why do we love Eric Nam?

We love his songs which are like mirror to our souls, putting words to baffling emotions. We love his authenticity and willingness to be vulnerable. Most importantly, we admire his perspectives and his willingness to create a space for open and honest conversations.

In his podcast, Mindset, Eric shares these conversations with celebrities from around the globe.

Here is our take on how we think Eric Nam remains safe while baring his soul.


Image taken from Instagram: @ericnam 

Being vulnerable and still considerate

“Everyone has limits…When you hold on to these moments of stress and anxiety it is no good for your health, mental and physical. And I had to learn all that the hard way.”

Eric shared in an interview with 10 years of bandwagon that there was a time when he couldn’t share about his struggles due to the stigma of mental disorder.  Since allowing himself to be vulnerable and opening up, Eric found that it can cultivate a sense of trust, friendship, love, and a safe place for himself and his friends.  If you are the confidente, he reminds us that to be a good listener, we need to withhold judgement from what the person is going through and be willing to just listen.

Image taken from Instagram: @ericnam

Sharing does not mean solving

Eric shared that while he had a good support system, his friends do not always have all the solutions for him. But just having someone who would be there to listen, is enough for him.

While we want to be vulnerable and share our story,  we also need to realise that those listening to our stories are not problem solvers. There are limits to what we can expect of those who are willing to listen to us. We need to respect that  everyone has their own schema of life and their opinions may differ from ours. The information that we share may be received differently by each individual and some may not completely understand what we are going through. But as Eric says it should be enough, just to have friends who are willing to spend the time with us.

Image taken from Instagram: @ericnam 

Create boundaries, even within a safe space

In an interview with Dr Vivek Murthy, Eric shared that writing music is therapeutic for him and is often a ‘page out of his diary’. He adds that, “The more honest and vulnerable I am, the better the song”

Eric however was quick to add that it was important to find a safe space to vent and that he would do so in ‘closed guarded conversations with friends’.

Venting is a good way to release pent-up frustrations allowing us to express and process our emotions in a healthy way. However, it should be done with people who we trust. More importantly, the people that we share with should have the maturity to handle the information and our emotions. When we unload our experiences to people who are not prepared to handle the information, we could be trauma dumping.

Checking on the other person’s responses and cues to our stories would help us know if they are still able to hold space for us emotionally. In this way, we let our friends know that we care for them too.


Eric shared that, “Having good mental health is important for everyone as it affects everything that we do: how we work, play, love, identify, and live”.

Here’s how you can continue having open, honest, and mature conversations:

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