IVE World Tour: Taking the Leap & Mindfulness

IVE is showing the world what they’ve got with a world tour unlike any they have tried before.


After just two years, IVE has achieved a lot since their debut. While chart toppers and awards helped boost the Korean girl group’s careers, something was missing… They wanted to aim higher and revolutionize the industry.

And what better way than to go out of their comfort zones?

@ivestarship with @saweetie in Instagram

Collaborating Overseas

Gaeul, Leeseo, Liz, Rei, Wonyoung, and Yujin have been working just within their group since their debut. Recently, they decided to collaborate with an artist.

Imagine DIVE’s surprise when we found out that their very first collaboration was with Saweetie, an English-speaking American rapper and singer! And others including producer Cirkut.

‘All Night’ behind-the-scenes music video

Can’t deny this: The artists’ genres work really well together. ‘All Night’ by IVE and Saweetie is a dancey song with a beat thats been stuck in my head since I first heard it.

But working with people for the first time is hard enough to pull off successfully. Working and writing outside of their group, first language and genre must have come with their own extra challenges.

Challenge Accepted

Imagine being at the top of your game after doing the same thing for 2 years. Maybe it’s a skill like rollerskating. And now, you feel like shaking it up. Would you take the plunge to join an international roller derby team?

‘I AM’ GIF via Make a Gif

It looks like IVE did a similar leap of faith here and they summarised their goal in an interview with Vogue last month:

“In the lyrics (of I AM), we keep saying: “Big, big stage.” 2024 will be our big, big stage,” said Wonyoung.

The way that the group approached everything enthusiastically was a choice. They pushed through frustration and doubt in order to reach their full potential.

Have you been given an opportunity to take a chance on yourself? How did you decide whether to take it on or pass?

‘All Night’ behind-the-scenes music videoThe Beginner’s Mind

There is a lot to learn from trying something new.

Mindfulness teaches us about the Beginner’s Mind. That’s the practice of adjusting your view of the world as a beginner. A big takeaway from this is what you learn about yourself and your sense of ego.

“The hardest part was definitely the pronunciation of the words…I feel like I couldn’t do it well as I wanted to a lot of the time, but the more we prepped the tract, the better it came out, so I feel like we grew a lot and learned a lot form this experience, ” said Leeseo.

They approached the task like beginners even though they had achieved celebrity status through 2 years of hard work – they knew this was new for them. The recorded track of ‘All Night’ sounds flawless because of this. And it’s only going to get better.

Photo via Hello Kpop

@ivestarship on X (formerly Twitter)

Show what I have

The message of their ongoing world tour, ‘Show What I Have’, is in the name. While IVE is gunning for a space in the International scene, some of us may have to be realistic as we reach for our own goals.

Many Singaporeans youths have recently received their ‘A’ level results and are working toward their next step into a workplace or a new school now. Some are probably figuring out a way to prove themselves in these new spaces.

If this sounds like you, IVE has some advice:

“Sometimes we do feel some pressure after a song has done well, but more than [focusing on] the pressure, we just think and believe in ourselves and try to perform and prepare a better song for our DIVEs,” said Wonyoung.

If an large setting or competition is foreboding, the best approach is to focus on preparing to showcase the best version of yourself and show what you have.

As you kickstart your next phase in life, don’t forget to believe in yourself and remember the people who are rooting for you. Good luck!


Here’s some tips to make it happen

Growth Mindset


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